Rumors are the Dodgers are shopping Ethier, but will they really trade him?-Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The Dodgers Better Receive Top Prospects If They Trade Andre Ethier

So the Andre Ethier rumors continue to swirl throughout the twittersphere. Needless to say it’s very annoying. Now the rumors circulating have the Dodgers and Mariners talking trade. Apparently there was a tweet from an ESPN insider that was going around. I won’t say who it is, because there is still nothing concrete about these rumors yet. Once again it is all speculation, but could there be some truth to it? Could the Dodgers and Mariners really be talking trade?

I’m going to play devil’s advocate here. I like Ethier, So these rumors cut through my mind like a knife. When I see negative tweets and comments about Ethier it makes me upset. As you know, Stacie and I are huge Ethier fans. We see Ethier for what he is, a skilled clutch hitter who plays a solid right field, and crushes right handers. He’s been an extremely valuable player for the Dodgers over the last six years or so. Believe me when I say I do not want to see Andre Ethier traded. But at the same time, I don’t make the calls I just write about them. And there very well could be some truth to these speculations behind the scenes.

So ok, let’s play along with this for a minute. If the Dodgers were to be trading Ethier to the Mariners, who could they get in return? Much of these lame rumors revolve around either free agent center fielder Michael Bourn, and or Miami’s Giancarlo Stanton. Some crazy scenarios have Stanton being involved in some kind of three way trade with Seattle and the Dodgers. That seems very unlikely though. So Instead we’ll talk about the Seattle talk rumors.

Most of the rumors involve just the Dodgers and Mariners. The whole thing revolves around Bourn though. Since trading Ethier would open a hole in right field, the only way to plug the hole with an outfielder that can equal Ethier’s production in some way is to sign Bourn. According to the rumors, and anti-Ethier people, Bourn could either just slot into right field, or from what the clamorers are saying, moving Kemp to right, and having Bourn playing center. Of course, the free agent market is terrible. Bourn is the only decent outfielder left available on the market right now. There are several other aspects to this idea, which I will get to in a second.

First of all if we are going to be trading Ethier to Seattle, what would be getting back in return? I’ll be pissed if the Dodgers trade Ethier, but if they get proper value in return for him then I can live with it easier. And if they do trade him, they sure as hell better dam well get value. Obviously Seattle isn’t going to trade Felix Hernandez, and other than Dustin Ackley, Seattle doesn’t have anyone else on their 40 man roster that could help us. So if this trade were to happen, the Dodgers would likely want a few top level prospects from the Mariners. And I can bet you dollars to donuts, that Chris Capuano, and or Aaron Harang would be thrown into the potential deal.

If we are targeting some of Seattle’s prospects, then it better be for position players. We already have more than enough pitching, and the organization is dangerously thin on position player depth, especially infield prospects. There are two top 100 position player prospects in the Seattle organization that could be potential targets.

Zunino in the college World Series-Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

The first is 21 year old catcher Mike Zunino. I’ve had my eye on this guy for some time now. The Dodger’s system could use another good catching prospect. The right handed hitting catcher won the 2012 golden spikes award, and was drafted in the first round by the Mariners. Zunino is known for his powerful swing, and good batting skills. Zunino split time in 2012 between the single-A Everett AquaSox of the Northwestern League, and the double-A Jaskson Generals of the Southern League. He batted .360 total with a .447 OBP, 13 home runs, and 43 RBI. He drew 23 walks, and only whiffed 33 times all season. He had a .974 OPS with the Generals, and his quick promotion to the double-A level could mean he is on a fast track to the big leagues. He ranked in the top ten on the Mariner’s prospect  list, and is ranked by as the number 44 prospect last season in all of Baseball.  His defensive abilities are just as good according to the reports. He handles the pitching staff well, has a strong accurate throwing arm, and steady hands. The young catcher is 6’2 and 220 pounds. Zunino projects as a middle of the order starting catcher with a strong power bat. If we are trading Ethier, then we better be getting Zunino thrown into the deal.

Another talented position player prospect within the Seattle organization that could be available is infielder Nick Franklin. The Dodgers could always use another good middle infield prospect. Franklin is a 21 year old switch-hitting shortstop from Sanford Florida. The Mariners drafted him in the first round of the 2009 amateur draft. Baseball America ranked him at number 53 on their top 100 prospects list before the 2011 season. He started out with immense promise. In his first full professional season playing for the Clinton Lumberkings of the Midwest league, Franklin smacked 23 home runs, drove in 65 RBI, and batted .283 in 574 plate appearances during the 2010 season. His career stalled a bit when he was hit injured after he was hit in the face by a bat during batting practice back in 2011. He was promoted from the double-A Generals to the triple-A Tacoma Rainiers of the Pacific Coast League. He split time between the Generals and the Rainiers in 2012. He hit .243 with seven home runs, and 29 RBI in 296 plate appearances for Tacoma in 2012. It seems since his injury in 2011, his OBP and average have declined, but he’s only 21 years old and has plenty of time to improve. He’s a career .283 minor league hitter, and has a .351 OBP. He also has some fringe speed as well. Franklin stole 25 bases in 2010 for Clinton, and then 13 bases in 2011 for the High Desert Mavericks. The Mariners have been playing him at second base, and he’s split time at second and short since he started his professional career. He’s now got about 100 games at second base under his belt. Franklin ranks number three on the Mariner’s top ten prospect list, and is number 29 on the top 100.

Nick Franklin

Another good potential prospect would be second base/third base prospect Stefen Romero. He could be overlooked because he’s considered behind Vincent Catricala on the depth chart, but that might not be for much longer, According to reports, Catricala has been struggling with his recent promotion to double-A, while Romero has flourished.

Stefan Romero

Romero is a 24 year old right handed hitting infielder and was drafted in the 12th round of the 2010 amateur draft. Normally most low round draft picks aren’t considered top prospects, but Romero has shown great pop, and batting skills according to the reports. Romero hit 16 home runs in 2011, and popped 23 home runs combined during 2012. He batted .357 for High Desert, and .347 for the Jackson Generals in 2012. He’s played most of his minor league career at second base, but has some experience at third base as well. Romero is a good contact hitter with pop. He also ranks in the Mariner’s top ten prospects.

These are a few of Seattle’s top ranked position player prospects that could be headed to the Dodgers in a potential trade involving Andre Ethier. This is just speculation as of now, and all of this is my own speculation on which prospects Seattle could offer in a potential deal. Here are a few things to consider about the Ethier rumors.

1. Bourn is a table setter, and not a middle of the order bat. Losing Ethier means losing 20+ home runs in the middle of the order.

All of this revolves around what Michael Bourn does. Hopefully once Bourn signs with someone else, all of these stupid Ethier rumors will stop. Since Bourn is the last available all-star outfielder remaining on the market, once he signs, the Ethier rumors have to stop. The thing is, Bourn is a table setter, and Ethier is a middle of the order bat. Don’t get me wrong , Bourn is a very good player, and a good outfielder. However, if you trade Ethier you’re losing 20+ home runs in the middle of the order. While Bourn is a great top of the order bat, we already have a lead-off hitter for next year. The Dodgers are supposed to be going with Carl Crawford at the top of the lineup in 2013. After the Dodgers ranked next to last in home runs in all of Baseball last season, they need to keep as much power in the lineup as they can.

2. Seattle can only offer prospects in return for Ethier.

3. Bourn only has 20 games in right field. Kemp would have to move from Center field to right field.

Hopefully nothing comes of these asinine rumors. Trading Ethier would be a big mistake for the Dodgers. Not only is he a good player, but he’s a fan favorite. There’s more at play than just money here. Seattle has doesn’t have anybody on their 40 man roster that we would want. Would you really want Franklin Gutierrez? Or Michael Saunders? No Thanks. You know that saying, if it ain’t broke, then don’t fix it. We have more pressing issues on the roster to be concerned with then these lame Ethier rumors. But if the Dodgers really are going to trade Ethier, then fine. They sure as hell better get value in return for him. If that’s the case, then it better be for top level prospects. The only way I see this happening at all is if Seattle is willing to part with a few of their top level prospects. I still don’t see this happening. Why would the GBM sign Ethier to an 85 million dollar five year contract only to trade him the following year?

Regardless, I don’t want Michael Bourn, I want Andre Ethier. Most of the fans feel the same way as well. So please, Mr. Bourn, sign with someone, so we can stop hearing about these dumb rumors once and for all.

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  • letsgododgers

    I wonder… The whole point of signing Ethier (besides being a promise???) was so the Dodgers didn’t overpay him or any other player who reached FA. That’s what all us Dodger fans assume(I guess). If he did go to FA, he would be among a group sporting Bourn, Swisher and Upton. By the looks of things, maybe the Dodgers overpaid for him anyways, seeing that Swisher and BJ signed for less. It just doesn’t look like the Dodgers are getting as much value so its kind of hard figuring out what you could get for him in a trade.

    Thinking back on the beginning of last season, Ethier was on a rampage. He was hitting lefties and being the main offensive force on the team. Then he stopped for about a week. That didn’t seem to matter to the owners, as right in the middle of his slump they gave him a five year $85 million dollar contract. I dont think he hit as many lefties after that.

    The only logical thing to do is to platoon him.. You have to admit that it doesn’t look good paying him that much, and then signing a guy like Hairston who could produce the same kind of production on the other side of the plate at a fraction of the cost(I assume). I wonder if the Dodgers care about such things. THEY REALLY SHOULDN’T. If they have all this money, just swallow it and platoon him with someone who can hit lefties. Its the right thing to do.

    But if they are going to jump through hoops to trade this guy fine, I too would like it to be worth it. I actually would like Seagers older brother but geez, seems like overkill. Probably have to eat some of that Ethier money too.

    You do have to question these rumors, since Bourn still hasn’t signed with anyone. My ideal situation would for the Dodgers to sign Bourn, then trade him to Seattle or whatever team. I think they would could get a better return, since the receiving team would not have to surrender their draft pick and not have to pay as much $ to get Ethier. and Dodgers I’m guessing get better return? Not sure how the league views such a move.

    Anyways, I’m rambling. Hope there isn’t any holes in my logic. If so, let me know.

    • LasordasLair

      No, you make sense, but I still don’t think theyre going to trade him. Draft pick compensation is still a concern. But Bourn is a table setter, and not a middle of the order bat. It seems like overkill to me. I dont want to lose 20+ home runs from the lineup. Why not stick with the original plan? Keep Ethier, Crawford leads off, and you still have an outfield stacked with all-stars. Although I would be fine if they platoon him with someone like Scott Hairston. I think the only way they trade Ethier is if they can get Stanton, otherwise, I think Ethier stays. I hope he does, I’m a huge Ethier fan. Plus I dont like the idea of moving Kemp to right field.

      • Aemon Fowler

        Let me start by saying, I love Ethier as well, but trading him for value, especially solid prospects makes a ton of sense if it involves acquiring Stanton or signing Bourn. Obviously money is not a concern for this regime so they will eat a portion of Ethier’s contract, be it the Marlins, Mariners or anyone else. If it’s HR’s you’re worried about, obviously Stanton is a beast and fits the bill, but actually Bourn makes more sense. Where I disagree with you is the defensive side of the ball and the top of the order. Kemp is a natural RF’r, and Bourn is a better CF’r and the improvement in the defense will only make our new look pitching staff look that much better. You can argue that Kemp won the Golden Glove as CF’r, but that award is kind of a joke as Bourn is the superior CF’r by far. Also, Crawford is NOT a lead-off guy, he is a perfect #2 hole guy, for that matter Mark Ellis fits that role as well. So we are over crowded at the 2 hole, without a true lead-off man. True we would lose HR & RBI production in a man for man swap between Bourn & Ethier, however, looking at the big picture, which essentially is scoring runs and preventing the other team from scoring runs, a line-up with Bourn at the top followed by Crawford, Kemp, Gonzo, Ramirez is better on both side of the ball. Side note, I think SpaceLion was saying to sign Bourn then trade Bourn to the Mariners, I’m pretty sure MLB doesn’t allow sign & trades with free agents going to a new team, but I could be wrong about that?

        • LasordasLair

          I’m not saying Bourn isn’t good. He’s a good player, but losing Ethier’s 20+ home runs is not good. overall the Bourn vs, Ethier argument to me is a wash, only because theyre different types of players. It’s like comparing apples to oranges, in my opinion. (table setters vs. power bats) The one thing I disagree with you about is Kemp. Actually, Kemp has always been a center fielder, he’s played seven times more games in center than he has in right. even in the minors, Kemp played two times more games in center than in right, and he hasn’t played any time in right field at all since 2008. I think we should just stick to the original plan of Kemp in center, Ethier in right, and Crawford at leadoff and left field. I will say this though, I will bet you dollars to donuts, Mattingly will never ever move M.Ellis out of the two hole. He loves him there, and raved on and on about it last year. I think we’re forgetting here that Crawford can be very good, if he’s healthy.
          BTW, You can do sign and trades, it’s perfectly legal as far as I know.

          • Jeff Button

            Home runs aren’t the only way to score a freaking run.

          • LasordasLair

            I agree, but do you want to lose 20+ home runs in the middle of a lineup of a team that finished 29th in the majors in home runs?

          • Aemon Fowler

            You’re right, Kemp has played more games in CF because he has been the best option for the last 4 years or so, but even with all of his natural abilities and god given speed and how hard the guy works out every winter, he still takes poor routes, especially in the gaps, and playing RF will change him from a plus CF to an outstanding RF, where his poor routes can be disguised better and his electric arm will be showcased. Believe me, I’m sold on Kemp 100%, but I think he will be more valuable and last longer in RF than in CF.

  • DodgerLove13

    Here’s the win-win plan..
    Andre, and, either Caupano or Harang for Felix Hernandez.
    Latino for Latino & they get a quality pitcher for the exchange.
    Our latino fanbase will not feel cheated of a hero, we will miss Ethier, we love him… but we can learn to endear ourselves with Felix. Sounds like a awesome plan. Perfect fit also, Felix is more Hollywood than Ethier, he will love it here.

    • letsgododgers


    • Tyler

      Horrible. Why don’t we trade Harang and Mark Ellis for Justing Verlander while we’re at it?

  • Jaci L Gibbons

    wow you are massively overrating Ethier. There is no way the Dodgers receiver any top prospects for Ethier.

    • John Kreese

      No kidding. Declining skills, can’t hit lefties & a huge contract. Sign me up!

    • LasordasLair

      Really? Come on, not even one top prospect?

  • Jeff Button

    This is the most poorly written article I’ve read in 2013. How many times did you need to state that you’d be upset if Ethier is traded? Your apparent love for him has led you to overvalue him in a way I find borderline amusing. He’s a platoon bat with an albatross contract who plays a POOR right field (according to the metrics). Why you think Ethier rumors are inextricably tied to Michael Bourn is beyond me. An outfielder from the Mariners would reportedly go to the Dodgers. Saunders or Gutierrez would be great fits in CF there. Our 40 man has Jesus Montero, Kyle Seager, Kendrys Morales, Michael Saunders, Dustin Ackley, Tom Wilhelmsen, Carter Capps, Stephen Pryor…ALL those guys could help the Dodgers

    • LasordasLair

      Don’t be such a hater. I’m sure back in 2009 you were praising him when he was cranking out the walk-offs, if you were a Dodger fan that is. These rumors are very much tied to Bourn, because the only way they could trade Ethier is if they have someone GOOD to replace him with, otherwise it just opens up another hole on the roster. Since Bourn is the only decent outfielder left on the market, it doesnt take a brain surgeon to figure it out. BTW, Saunders and Gutierrez both suck, nobody wants those guys. Quit drinking the hatorade.

      • Jeff Button

        Learn to write concisely and clearly and cut out all the emotional BS. Then my supply of ‘hatorade’ will be cut off. Seriously, go to writing school or take a refresher course at a local CC.

        • LasordasLair

          Alright, calm it down now, I’m mostly joking with you. Dial it back a bit.

          • Jeff Button

            It’s as dialed back as its gonna get. You overvalue your own players and prospects and clearly aren’t objective enough to be taken seriously on this Ethier talk. Why do all the top teams have the most ignorant fan bases? Seriously. A ‘few’ of Seattle’s top level prospects? Give this blog over to someone who knows what they’re talking about

          • LasordasLair

            Now you’re calling me ignorant? Seems like this is really upsetting you.This is a Dodger Blog, written and run by Dodger fans. So you shouldn’t be surprised by my loyalty to one of my players. My point is that if they trade Ethier they should get value back for him, and not settle for mid level prospects. I think he’s at least worth one good prospect.

          • Jeff Button

            Ever read USSMariner? They’re a Mariners blog and they write objectively about players. You write based on how you feel about your players rather than judging them objectively. And in your original post, you stated you wanted ‘a few top level prospects’ for Ethier.

          • LasordasLair

            Alright you got me there. I should have wrote one or two top prospects instead of a few. Three is a little overboard, but you understand what I’m conveying here.
            I actually think I’m pretty objective most of the time, but I don’t like to bash my players unless they truly deserve it. Now when my players win games with clutch hits like Ethier does, it makes me feel very good.

  • Tyler

    You are a gigantic homer. First off, if Bourn were signed he would be playing CF. Him in RF would not even be a discussion. It would improve the overall defense as well, because as much as you like to say that Ethier is a good defender, he is merely average. Kemp would be a defensive upgrade in RF and it would take the defensive stress off of his body in the long term. Crawford, by the way, is NOT a lead off hitter. He hardly ever hit lead off in Tampa. If this whole scenario went down the lineup would be Bourn – Crawford – Kemp – AGon – HanRam.

    Ethier would not pull Franklin or Zunino from the Mariners. You’re looking at a package centered around Danny Hultzen or James Paxton at best, and they would become our top pitching prospect without a doubt. We’d also have to send money over to the Mariners to cover part of Ethier’s contract because he is overpaid.

    All of you Ethier homers are the same. He’s a fan favorite but that doesn’t excuse the fact that he may as well go to the plate with a wet newspaper when their is a lefty on the mound.

    • LasordasLair

      Ahhh…I just love the attitude of a hater. Duh Bourn would play center field. Crawford is a top of the order table setter. Didn’t he hit at the top of the lineup in TB? Not much difference between hitting lead-off and hitting second. So you’re saying we would trade one of our best clutch hitters and barely recieve a mid level pitching prospect? and have to pay Seattle? Wow where do I sign up for this? Yes yes I am quite the homer, and speaking of homers, any way to replace Ethier’s 20+ home runs from the middle of the lineup if he were traded to Seattle for their flotsam? Because Bourn isn’t going to hit 20 homers. You only focus on the negative instead of concentrating on Ethier’s overall contributions, which outwiegh his batting average versus lefties. Extreme hatorade consumption can cause you problems in the long run. Just say no!

      • harmony55

        “one of our best clutch hitters”?

        According to Baseball Reference, Andre Ethier has posted an overall line of .290/.362/.476/.838 in 3,983 career plate appearances, but only a .257/.351/.423/.775 line in 883 career plate appearances in high-leverage situations.

        “a mid level pitching prospect?”

        In its 2012 preseason Top 100 prospect list, Baseball America ranked Danny Hultzen No. 21 and James Paxton No. 52. In its midseason list, BA ranked Hultzen No. 5 and Paxton No. 42.

        In his October rankings of pitching prospects, John Sickels of Minor League Ball listed Hultzen No. 17 and Paxton No. 25. As points of reference, Zach Lee ranked No. 23 and Allen Webster No. 40.

        The Seattle “flotsam” had three hitters under 26 years of age who last season hit 20, 19 and 19 homeruns, plus a 22-year-old who hit 15, despite playing home games in baseball’s harshest hitting environment (one far harsher than Dodger Stadium). Kyle Seager and Justin Smoak each hit 15 homeruns on the road to the six hit by Ethier away from home.

        You have an emotional attachment to Andre Ethier … I get that. But you have evidenced little understanding of relative value.

        • LasordasLair

          Forget about high leverage, take a look at what each player has done with runners in scoring position, and men on base, which is pretty important.

          Ethier-RISP-.290/.385/.482 .868 OPS.-(272 for 937) with 37 home runs.
          with men on base-.299/.378/.474 .853 OPS(479 for 1603) with 59 home runs

          Seager-RISP-.273/.340/.473 .783 OPS-(48 for 176) 6 home runs,
          With men on base-.272/.330/.413 .744 OPS-(85 for 312) with 9 home runs.

          This is why Ethier is just as valuable as Seager, and why they’re WAR is almost the same. BTW, Seager is hitting just as bad against lefties .236 (59 for 250) as Ethier, So other than age, explain to me how he is more valuable than Ethier offensive wise?

        • LasordasLair

          No disrespect to Seager, he’s a good young player, and obviously on the way up. Just saying, Ethier isn’t chopped liver, he is still a very productive player.

  • harmony55

    Andre Ethier is owed $85 million over the next five seasons. If Ethier were a mortgage, he’d be underwater.
    Mike Zunino cannot be traded until the anniversary of his signing last summer.
    How can Dustin Ackley be the only Seattle position player of interest to the Dodgers? Last season as a 24-year-old, thirdbaseman Kyle Seager posted a WAR that exceeded any WAR posted by Andre Ethier in a single season. Seager, the brother of the Dodgers’ first-round draft pick in 2012, remains under his team’s control for five more season at a likely cost of less than $20 million. Seager has far more value than Ethier.
    Because Ethier is not worth his contract, the Dodgers would need to sweeten the pot, probably with Chris Capuano or Aaron Harang.
    The Dodgers would be fortunate to get shortstop Brendan Ryan, OF/1B Mike Carp and lefthanders Charlie Furbush and James Paxton in a trade of Ethier and Capuano.

    • LasordasLair

      Because most of Seattle’s position players suck and can’t hit. Seager is the exception, but I assumed he wouldn’t be available. BTW you’re wrong. Seager posted a 2.6 WAR in 2012, Ethier posted a 3.5 WAR. So who”s more valuable now?
      are you kidding? Ryan can’t even hit above the mendoza line. Carp can’t hit either. I think we should hold onto Ethier, unless you like infielders who hit about .197

      • harmony55

        According to FanGraphs, Kyle Seager posted a WAR of 3.6 in 2012 while Andre Ethier posted a career-high WAR of 3.5 in 2008 and then 3.4 last season.

        Safeco Field is brutal on Seattle’s talented young hitters. Last season the Mariners ranked eighth among the 30 MLB teams in runs scored on the road (and in a tie for sixth in homeruns on the road). The Dodgers ranked 22nd and last, respectively.

        Opposing hitters posted a .229/.288/.328/.626 line 3,004 plate appearances last season at Safeco Field against a Seattle pitching staff that registered a modest overall ERA+ of 99 for the season. Safeco Field suppresses the numbers of most all hitters, including Ethier, who is 1-for-14 lifetime there.

        • LasordasLair

          I know safeco is brutal on hitters, but so is Dodger Stadium. I thought I saw a 2.6 for Seager in 2012, but maybe I was wrong. I’ll check again. Still a 3.5 compared to 3.6 Either way, according to WAR Ethier is just as valuable as Seager.

          • harmony55

            That’s five years of Kyle Seager, who turned 25 in November, for less than $20 million vs. five years of Andre Ethier, who turns 31 in April, for $85 million.
            Seager and Ethier do not have the same trade value.

      • Jeff Button

        Ryan may suck with the stick, but he is the best defender in all of baseball. Saved more runs last year than any other defender at any other position. Saunders plays above average defense in CF and can be a 3-4 win player. Saunders or Gutierrez, pitching prospect, reliever for Ethier, Capuano, and about $20 million would be acceptable for both teams, IMO.

        • LasordasLair

          I didn’t say he couldn’t field, I said he couldn’t hit. I’ll give you an example, Juan Uribe is a good defensive player. But do we want him playing in Baseball games for us? no, because he is vritually an automatic out.
          It’s all moot because Ethier stays more than likely.

          • harmony55

            For what it’s worth, FanGraphs has Brendan Ryan with 4.5 WAR over the past two seasons and Hanley Ramirez with 4.3 WAR over the same period.

          • LasordasLair

            That’s surprising. Are you sure Ryan is at a 4.5 just for his defense?

  • Brian B

    Wow, not sure overrated is the right term tho… He’s pretty much a .280-300BA/20-30hr/80-100rbi & former gold glove winner just sayin o ya & a former multi All Star. I agree tho his def range is limited & he cant hit leftys…

    • Brian B

      What if we gave Them Andre, Dee Gordon, Billingsley & a solid prospect? Wud that b enough 2 even jar the King out of his rock solid no trade stance?

      • LasordasLair

        I dont think the King is available. He’s the Kershaw of Seattle. I doubt he’s going anywhere.

  • bbmoney

    I think you’re hugely overrating Ethier, especially when considering his contract. Ethier is a good player who would probably be best used as the lefty in a platoon in RF. But let’s face it, he’s already thirty and is due another $85M guaranteed (82.5M in salary plus a 2.5M buyout) through 2017.

    He’s a good player right now and might even earn his 13.5M salary next year. But then his contract is in the 17-18M range through his age 35 season for a guy that is already likely below average defensively and has injury concerns. That salary might not be a concern for the Dodgers given their resources, BUT it is a huge limitation on his trade value. Now if the Dodgers kick in $45M you’ll get some good value back.
    Also….clutch hitting… pretty much a non-repeatable skill and isn’t something I’d pay for. Finally Michael Bourn >>> Andre Ethier by any reasonable calculation of player value.

  • Marinerjim

    This is my first comment on your blog… I love the idea of the Mariners acquiring Either.. But you have to relize that given his contract and his inability to hit LHP Either isnt as good as he once was and the Dodgers are not going to get Zunino, or Romero.. You might be able to get Nick Franklin, cuz the Mariners have a kid named Miller who might be even better the Franklin.
    I think that Geoff Baker of the Seattle Times had a good idea with the proposal of
    Mariners get
    Dee Gordon
    Dodgers get
    Franklin Guteriez.

    • LasordasLair

      Welcome! I realize I am biased considering my attachment to Ethier, but I still think he could bring in at least one top prospect, if he were traded. That’s not a bad package of players there, but I would rather have Saunders over Gutierrez. Maybe replace Brendan Ryan with one more prospect? Ryan is a good defensive player, but he can’t hit much. I would of course take Nick Franklin but I doubt the Mariners would deal him.

      • Marinerjim

        The only reason the Mariners would prefer to hang onto Saunders is if we dealt Saunders and Guti is a free agent at the end of the year and we wouldnt have a true center fielder going into 2014.