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Dodger Nation are you ready for the 4 best words you can possibly hear on February 16? Pitchers and catchers report! The Dodgers have 59…yes 59 players invited to camp. Pitchers and Catchers report Wed, position players next Mon Feb 21 with the first full workout on the 22nd. We will have the full list of invitees on the site Wed, along with our’s and hopefully your projections of who should make the final 25 man roster.

There are a lot fun spring battles that are about to get it on! What happens if Trayvon Robinson or Jerry Sands have BIG camps? Do we really want to let Xavier Paul walk so we can go with the JayMarcony SameGwibbons ‘platoon’ in left? Doesn’t Ivan DeJesus Jr. deserve a chance? He broke his damn leg in spring training 2 years ago when it was his first real chance and worked his tail off. He is cleary better than Juan Castro.

*Trivia Question* name the only player the Dodgers owned in each of the the 80′s, 90′s, 00′ and ’10′sdecades? Has to be Juan Castro right? Enough already please Ned don’t keep him.

And by the way we at Lasorda’s Lair are happy to hear your thought’s, positive and negative about the teams ownership. I personally compare the situation to a viral itch that just wont go away, no matter how much cream, shots or patches you can possibly apply, it just wont go away. But we all sure hope it does. You however may feel differently, but that’s the beauty,  the point is have at it, let us know how you feel, at FanSided there is no offseason. Especially during the season.

Dodger Nation are you ready?

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  • Chris Irwin

    Whatching the Dodgers ownership issues unfold is like watching a rerun of Melrose. Only 30 more weeks until football season starts, I hope!

  • Chris Robinson

    Great article. Hopefully “The Brass” will remember or be told they are the Dodger’s and not The National’s and will treat the team with the respect it has earned and the millions of fans deserve. Gibson’s home run is getting further and further in the rear view mirror. Wake up Ned! If you don’t do anything after the Giant’s won it all last year, all hope may be gone. Also, pitching is kind of important. Isn’t it?

  • Kevin Rice

    I had forgotten that LA still had a team!! Sorry Dodger fans but the days of enjoying late September and October games are sadly a thing of the past. While spring training may bring hope ‘renewed’ for some teams in the NL, all it brings Dodger fans is more frustration!!

  • teaggle

    Gentlemen……. That’s the beauty of spring…. oh and Dodger dog’s.

  • James

    If the Dodgers have to worry about the likes of Castro we all need to be Pirate fans. Ned obviously is taking orders from SF. Historically, we buy Giant trash. The owners need to stay married. They seem to enjoy screwing each other, and why or what is a Mattingly doing in LA?

    • Dodger Fan since 1950

      Mattingly has been there as the batting coach to develop .190 hitters – lets hope he is a better manager than a hitting coach and more productive than the last Yankee we had.

  • KempFan

    LOL! The comparison of the McCourt situation to a viral itch made my day! Kemp won’t be so Hollywood this year so he can actually play like he means it!

    • Kenny Shulsen

      Kemp Fan I’m so glad I could add a little humor to your day. Thinking about the Dodgers ownership situation just makes me want to throw up all over myself!

  • Dodger Fan since 1950

    Great Article Kenny – But ownership owns, Managers/coaches coach and players play. Now that Kemp can turn his focus to baseball and forget about his girl friend and the seating chart at the Grammy Award Show he can carry this club – MVP or bust, it seems to be his choice.

  • Clint

    They have to be better than last year….minus the friggin ownership drama.

  • Dodger Fan since 1950

    The Dodgers are notorious for finding GREAT young arms – developing them early and then trading them away for average “Veterans” – with the “young” arms they have in camp this year they could be developing a “cash” crop for the future. Let’s hope they give these young guys an honest chance to develop and stay with them for the long run. Thanks kenny for your insight – are you going to spring training this year?

    • Kenny Shulsen

      Yes I will be spending March 13-18 at Camelback Ranch and I cannot wait. It will be my first visit to the complex and we will be posting daily blogs, photos, and video from camp. I will also be patrolling the outer fields in hopes of snagging an interview or 2 with some Dodger prospects. Send me your wish list of player interviews and i’ll see what I can do, but be realistic Lasorda’s Lair probably wont be sitting down for a 1 on 1 with Ethier, Kemp or Kershaw, I don’t have that kind of clout, yet!

  • Dana Hogan

    For your sake…I really hope the Dodgers do well this year.

  • http://www.hitandrunsportsnj.com Greg Petitt

    Hopefully Matingly can light a fire under some asses and get this team fired up. The Dodgers were stuck in a long Torre nap and need to wake up, grab their balls and play hard.

    • James

      First off, you have a Yankee sounding name. Secondly, you talk like a Giant fan, with that balls and ass stuff. Just make them Bums run, now that’s Dodger talk. Yankee, Giant, or whatever you’ re right.

      • Kenny Shulsen

        Don’t worry about Petitt he’s legit. Huge Dodger fan!

      • greg

        Balls ass…whatever it takes….the Dodgers need a little east coast mentality if they want to win. The laid back approach hasn’t worked since the 80s.

        • Kenny Shulsen

          I agree except for our ‘East Coast’ owner and his mentality, basically using the Dodgers as his own personal spending account, isn’t helping much. Really why would they buy 2 beach houses in Malibu right next to each other when they clearly hate each other. LA could have signed Cliff Lee instead of Beach House 1 and 2. Petitt you know any Vinny’s or Sully’s we could hire to pay Frank a visit?

  • http://KennyBDayMan Coach

    Dodger Fans. The giants have another great bargin for you. Center fielder Aaron Rowand. He would fit right in with that outfield.

    • Kenny Shulsen

      Please no more Giants retreads haven’t they done enough already. Jason Schmidt anyone?