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Darwin Barney Traded To The Dodgers

So David Vassegh tweeted out earlier today that the Dodgers were interested in Darwin Barney

Which is kinda interesting. Barney was DFA’d by the Cubs July 23rd to make room for their prospect Arismendy Alcantara. Looking at Barney as an offensive option is ill advised as he’s strictly a defensive player, a .230/.265/.328 is only acceptable if he’s an all world defender. And guess what? He is by all accounts one of the best defensive second baseman in the universe.

That is… nice. I mean the announcers got it right, check out Wada’s face, it’s priceless. Look, Barney is never going to be a good hitter, he’ll never be an average hitter. Heck, below average is his upside but that’s okay considering that he’s saved 47 runs in 4176.1 innings throughout his career at the second base. Barney is a veteran who hits left handed pitching acceptable, putting up a 103 wRC+ this season, and a 89 wRC+ in his career. I highly recommend not looking at his stats versus RHP or you’ll just make yourself cry and hope that UZR is right this time… And Vassegh was right.

It was a trade, and you can’t imagine that the Dodgers gave up any significant value, even if it’s a player to be named later, who along with “cash considerations” seems to be traded a lot. Poor guy.

This move is one to strengthen the defense, not much more, he’s a great defender, one of the best 2b in the league at defense, and having a truly elite tool on your club is a positive. It’s a small upgrade over Rojas for no cost, and that’s always a win.

Also something to keep in mind, the Giants could have had Darwin Barney, who as Grant Brisbee pointed out, is Dan Uggla’s superior on both offense and defense for next to nothing. They also could have had Chris Capuano, who’s 102 FIP- is a lot better than Peavy’s 118 FIP- for nothing, yet they still gave up roster spots for both of these players, and 2 well regarded prospects in Peavy’s case.

It’s a good time to be a Dodger fan.

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