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This Puig Narrative Is Boring

I know, I can’t believe it either, Yasiel.

Welp, not even the 3rd week of March and finally the polarization that Yasiel Puig brings is out. I’m sure you’ve read the Mark Saxon article that goes on to say how Yasiel Puig’s “antics” have led to Don Mattingly running low on patience with the young slugger. Scott had a great post explaining Puig’s season and whatnot in further detail. And yeah, I suppose I get it. No one is questioning how difficult it must be to coach and mentor Puig.

But wow. I underestimate the power of narrative sometimes.

I jokingly went on Twitter searching for “bench Puig” tweets. I wish I hadn’t.

It makes me sad that we can’t understand small sample sizes. Something done in one game game doesn’t show the validity of a narrative. It’s almost as if fans are equating a bad game to him being a bad player.

And let’s be honest, there’s an huge amount of hypocrisy in this argument that Puig is “costing the team with his silly baserunning mistakes”. It’s a shame.  Andre Ethier is a bonafide fan favorite in Los Angeles, the general consensus on him is he plays hard and does what’s needed for the team to win. But I’ll say this, no one has ever said to bench Andre Ethier for his baserunning mistakes. Not even in 2014, when, you know, he has actually committed similar egregious baserunning gaffes.

Oh, I got it, how about we just pinch hit for Clayton Kershaw every time he bats just so we prevent any possibility that he commits a blunder while on the bases?

Funny how Dre has gotten literally no bad narrative thrown at him while Puig has been crucified by Saxon, Steve Dilbeck, and the national media as a whole. Nope, Ethier is “aggressive, and a risk taker, and what he does helps the team”. I think the baserunning gaffes are fine, dodger fans whined and complained to no end last season wanting a more aggressive team,  now we have one. Same with Clayton.

And you know what the best thing about this is?! Puig hasn’t even been below league average in terms of fangraphs’s “baserunning” metric.


Well so are the amount of games played. We must be really bored if the narrative of “Yasiel Puig costing the Dodgers with his baserunning mistakes” is actually being said. You do realize he hasn’t cost the Dodgers at all (in case you haven’t noticed, they’re 2-0).

Look at this too, “they wouldn’t be afraid to make a statement by sending him down?”. This is incredible, Stern is saying that they’d actually send down their arguably the Dodgers 2nd best hitter? I’ll believe it when I see it.

Regardless, it’s mostly just the media looking to talk about something on the final boring Sunday until October, baseball (for good) is almost here, and Yasiel Puig is going to be great this season, enjoy him.

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  • AaronKnuckleCurve

    great article. it irks me too. and last year i brought the race question into it and people lost their minds…oh don’t go there they said…but i feel it’s fair to. Bryce Harper is “brash” and “energetic”–they say….Puig is??? yeah. that’s not quite fair.

    • Adrian Garcia

      Oh no, it’s racist and sad, thanks for the comment, Aaron

  • El Rancho

    Puig repeats his mistakes more in a lesser time span than any Dodger. Puig will be benched, only after he is couched for psychiatric reasons. Where is the leadership? From Magic on down if Puig is so untrained he should be traded.

    • Adrian Garcia

      Is Puig some sort of respect hating animal? “Untrained”? Disgusting.

      • El Rancho

        No, Puig is An excellent example of a lose Canon. He will Continue țo be less effective as his attics prevail. Obviously, he is a poor listener and with the Dodger leadership he is doomed despite his wonderful motor skills.

  • John Romero

    Don’t be blinded by talent. I love Puig’s legs, bat, arm…can’t handle un-disciplined, can’t handle ME teammates, hopefully Donnie Baseball can reel him in, but he is getting paid a lot of money to play the game the RIGHT way. I’m bored with the antics, just play ball man and you will be the face of the franchise!!!

    • Adrian Garcia

      What exactly is “playing the Game the right way”? Go out, win games, everything else will work itself out

  • Quasimodo

    When one traverses outside the envelope continually there’s never a 100% chance things always go right. Very often the commentators refer to Puig’s arm as “the best arm in baseball”. Okay, yeah there’s some truth to all the chances he takes, but at his arrival he caught ALL opposition off guard and made them aware they needed to be more alert or else pay the price. Adjustments always have to be met and I’m happier to witness toning downing it down above stepping it up. Puig is simply great for baseball.

    • Adrian Garcia

      Thanks for the comment, Quasi, he’s helping the Dodgers win games and that’s all I really care for