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*Video* Dee Gordon and Alex Guerrero Work Side by Side at Second Base

Dee Gordon and Alex Guerrero have been battling or perhaps the right wording would be auditioning for the starting second base position for the Dodgers over the course of Spring Training. Gordon, who looked fantastic during workouts while I was watching on Saturday, is most likely going to win the spot for now as the Dodgers leave for Sydney on Sunday. Gordon, who is noticeably stronger yet still slim, was busy during workouts on Saturday morning going between the backfields while working on hitting and fielding.

Spring Training 2014 034An interesting moment came when I was able to watch Dee Gordon and Alex Guerrero working at second base side by side. It was a bit awkward knowing the circumstances, but it really was fun to watch. Both players were fielding grounders by taking turns, and then they worked on turning double plays with Hanley Ramirez at shortstop.

There was little communication between Gordon and Guerrero, and it seemed like both were concentrating on the task on hand. To me it looks as though Gordon is a bit quicker and nimble in his defense, but Guerrero is no slouch either. It will be quite interesting to see what happens as the season progresses and Alex Guerrero gets some more time and experience in his new country and his new position. In my opinion, Gordon and Guerrero both would be adequate defensively at second, and I really haven’t noticed anything which signals that Guerrero is uncomfortable at second. It comes down to offense ultimately. Gordon will have to prove that he can get on base consistently in order to remain an option at second base for the Dodgers, because Guerrero is the future and his swing will not be wasted in triple-A for long.


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