Feb 20, 2014; Glendale, AZ, USA; Los Angeles Dodgers infielder Alex Guerrero poses for a portrait during photo day at Camelback Ranch. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Why All this Worry About Alexander Guerrero?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

I don’t understand the problem here. Everyone and their mother is worrying about Alexander Guerrero Yep the same Alexander Guerrero who was one of the most prolific shortstops in all of Cuba. And you know what? I get that, everyone thinks he can’t hit major league pitching, stats are

Alexander-Guerrerohard to convert from Cuba to here right? Yuniesky Betancourt was awful, Yuniesky Betancourt can’t hit, Yuniesky Betancourt is Cuban, therefore Guerrero, who is Cuban and mashed Cuban pitching like Yuni can’t hit, right?!?!?!?! Uh. Not so much, I haven’t heard anything at all that states Guerrero can’t hit, everyone seems to agree, he’ll be an average to above average offensive threat. Given the lack of offense at any position other than 1b in the infield around the MLB, if you can defend at all from an “up the middle position” and have an above average bat, you’ll get as many chances as it takes at that position to prove you’re an everyday big leaguer.

Alex Guerrero is going to be fine, Scott wrote some great analysis on it, and you can see that Guerrero put up some huge numbers in Cuba, guys who hit that well generally aren’t minor leaguers. My point here is he can hit, sure but everyone is crying out, saying “THE DODGERS HAVE A PROBLEM WITH 2B BECAUSE THIS CUBAN CAN’T DEFEND”.

I know more than to doubt the international scouts, they probably looked at Guerrero and said, objectively, that this was a man who started in 2011 and mashed the ball, he’s more than likely going to have a plus bat at the 2b position in the majors, they probably liked what his offensive game brings to the table at the major league level. He also was the starting SS on the Cuban national team in 2011. And it wasn’t until after that season when he, you know, tried to defect, was he kicked off of the national team. He beat out some pretty impressive names, maybe you know a couple, he beat out fellow Cubans Erisbel Arruebarruena (soon to be most recent Dodger), and Aledmys Diaz, the guy is no scrub.

So lets see, guy earns the right to play on the Cuban National team right up until he tries to leave the horrid situation he’s in beating out other incredible baseball players for that spot. Plays SS on one of the top teams in the world, and we’re supposed to think he can’t handle playing 2b on the major league level?

If you can play the hardest infield position at one of the highest levels in the world, i’m pretty sure you can play second base at the major league level.

Here, i’ll leave you with some Guerrero mashing, watch that pretty swing:

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  • PastyRasta

    Adrian I’ve got some video I’m in the process of uploading for my post later this evening, including 4 AB’s from Guerrero from Batting Practice today, 1 AB vs Seth Rosin, 1 vs Jose Dominguez and 2 off of Daniel Moskos it’s probably the first live AB’s most of us will have seen from him and he had a solid single up the middle off of Dominguez and a liner/fly ball to left-center that would probably have been a hit. Didn’t get to see him defensively but will tomorrow.

    • LasordasLair

      Oh man, look at that swing! Looks beautiful

      • PastyRasta

        It looked pretty nice in person today, hopefully I can upload my video sometime tonight!

        • Quasimodo

          Hey Kenny, on top of that could you kindly fill us in on the demeanor around the campfire? Its looks pretty cheerful from the photos, but substantiation from a witness means more.

          • PastyRasta

            I would describe the mood of the clubhouse as extremely loose, a lot of laughter, making fun of each other and guys seems relaxed and IMO it all stems from how Mattingly handles himself.

          • Quasimodo

            Thanx, Kenny! Cheers!

    • Adrian Garcia

      oh man, i’m excited for that! hope you keep us updated on the defense, I personally think he’ll be a decent 2b, I don’t understand guys like Buster Olney saying he’s a terrible defender without even seeing him.

  • dusto

    Guerrero played short stop for Cuba.

    • LasordasLair

      good catch. Just a typo

    • Adrian Garcia

      thanks! caught that, I think.

  • AaronKnuckleCurve

    I like that he has a quiet bat. My only concern is that it might be a bit long. Alex Castellanos has too long a swing and he’s got a problem with any fastball over 92 mph.