Los Angeles Dodgers relief pitcher Paco Rodriguez throws a pitch against the San Diego Padres during the game at Dodger Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

I Wonder What Paco Rodriguez Is Thinking

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

So remember that thinking that Josh Beckett‘s Dodger career might be over? I know I was thinking the same thing, it seemed like there was little chance Josh Beckett would make the roster, even if he was healthy given the Paul Maholm signing. Well, hold off on that thinking for a second.

So lets make a very big if in saying what if Beckett, Maholm, the top 4 SP’s, and the relief pitchers are all healthy. Not necessarily likely, but could happen. This would put the rotation as Kershaw, Greinke, Ryu, Haren, and possibly Beckett. With the new signings like Chris Perez, Jamey Wright, Brian Wilson, J.P. Howell, the typical albatross in Brandon League, the firmly entrenched closer in Kenley Jansen, maybe Paco Rodriguez should be feeling a bit uncomfortable right about now, there may not be any room for him.

Paco was excellent last season for the most part last season, in 48.2 IP from April 2nd to September 1st he was one of the best relievers in the game with a 1.85 ERA and a 2.176 winning probability added. He was a stellar pitcher and one anyone would love to have. Everything after that was horrible she had a 6.35 ERA the rest of the regular season, and a miserable 2 ER in 2 IP unfortunately for Rodriguez.

Like this team normally is, they are very cautious with their young players. When the Dodgers do have young prospects it seems like they only have careful in  their upbringing, constantly signing Chris Perez’s and Jamey Wright’s in favor of the young guys. Of course there’s nothing wrong with that,  in most cases, young guys are normally inexperienced and too often have we seen the Dee Gordon of the worlds come up and get exposed in their first taste versus major leaguers, but Paco is a proven guy who was proven he can put up a very stellar season in relief.

My point here is I really liked the Paul Maholm deal, he’s a good #4 starter on most teams, and I definitely liked him as a replacement to Beckett, however, if Maholm is pushed into doing something he hasn’t done  ever, in being a reliever, I can’t see this as a good move. Assuming everyone is healthy, it seems like an impossible scenario where Paco would actually be sent to the minors. While not really a likely scenario, it’s one of the many scenarios we’re in for this Spring.

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