Betting favourites to win the MLB

The 2013 season of the MLB has now reached the post-season point where the winners of the National League (NL) and the American League (AL) are preparing to do battle with each other for the World Series. This means that it is nearing the end of the time to put bets on this season’s MLB, but there is still time to hit one of the online bookmakers to bet on one of the eight teams left standing in the 2013 season. So which of the sides have been installed as favorites to win the MLB this year?

Well the bookies have placed the Boston Red Sox as post-season favorites, with odds of 7/2 to go all the way and claim the World Series. They certainly looked impressive in garnering a 97-point haul during the regular season. The 9/2 odds on both the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Detroit Tigers, suggests that the bookies do not expect the post-season to be a cakewalk for the Red Sox. The Dodgers in particular have greatly improved since Hanley Ramirez regained his form and Yasiel Puig was called up in mid-season, so you might consider it too tough to call. If you do, then playing Hot Shot at one of the many online casino sites featuring this game could be a better choice.

Hot Shot is one of the innumerable sports themed slots games that have hit these sites in the past few years, and this baseball game is absolutely perfect for those who want to spice up their love of the game with a bit of betting, but don’t fancy a wager on the World Series. This game has five reels and nine pay lines – the latter of which really boost the chances of scooping a cash payout with this game. The reels are packed with the sort of sights you will see at a typical MLB match, such as caps, hitters, pitchers and fast food snacks, while your game play is accompanied by sound effects of bats hitting baseballs and cheering crowds

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