What are you buying the Dodger fan in your life this holiday season?

All I Want For Christmas Is BLUE- Dodger Fan Gift Ideas

If you are a last minute shopper like me, then you may be still scrambling for those gifts right up until Christmas Eve. If you are shopping for a certain Dodger fan in your life, I have a few gift ideas that may give you some Blue inspiration this holiday season. 


-Dodger Jersey: I think every Dodger fan either owns a jersey or would love to have one. If you have time, you can custom order a personalized jersey with their name and lucky number. If it’s too late for that, you can buy a jersey of their favorite player.

-Dodger shirt or cap: If an authentic Dodger jersey is out of your price range, you can find a variety of Dodger shirts, tank tops, and all sorts of clothing items either online on the MLB.com shop or at sporting goods stores like Sports Chalet and Dick’s Sporting Goods. Target and Wal-Mart also have sections where they sell Dodger items as well although the selection is dwindled during the winter when football gear takes over.

-Cooperstown Cookie Company Cookies: How about Dodger baseball cookies? Cooperstown Cookie Company sells natural and yummy baseball cookies from Cooperstown, NY. They sell cookies representing all 30 MLB teams in a variety of flavors and gift packages. I really like the cookies that come in Dodger tins which offer your gift recipient a keepsake to cherish after the cookies have all been gobbled up. $3.99 and up

-Sportula: Does your favorite fan like to grill and tailgate? Then they might like a Sportula! I bought my dad a Kings sportula last year for his birthday, and I think they make a unique gift. The Dodger logo can be pressed into the hamburger patty while grilling. $24.99

-Bobbleheads: You can buy your family member, friend, or co-worker a bobblehead of their favorite player. You don’t have to go to Dodger Stadium on specific bobblehead nights to find these fun collectibles. Bobblesgalore.com has a wide variety to choose from with convenient shipping.

-Baseball cards: For the collector, baseball cards are always a good option. You can buy individual packs or whole sets. You might want to include a baseball card binder with insert sheets for a beginner who is just starting a new collection. This would be a great idea for kids as well. Even though baseball card shops are few and far between unfortunately these days, my local Target store has a pretty good selection of sports cards and accessories.

-Baseball books: You can always do a search on Amazon.com for Dodger and baseball books for fans you like to read. For the female fan, I suggest Alyssa Milano’s book entitled Safe at Home: Confessions of a Baseball Fanatic. For a younger reader, especially a little girl, check out The Girl Who Struck Out Babe Ruth.

-Baseball movies/video games: Also on Amazon.com there is no shortage of baseball DVDs. My top baseball movie of all time is of course The Natural .  $10.49 on Blu-Ray. Or you can buy a gamer a new baseball video game from GameStop.

-Mini Plans: There are a variety of mini-plans which you can buy including 15-game set plans, 20-game flex plans, or 30-game flex plans.

-Season Tickets: For the ultimate fan there’s no bigger gift than season tickets. $410 (Preferred Reserve Value) and up.

I hope I gave you a few ideas to help you shop for the Dodger fan in your life. Another great idea would be to put together a gift basket with a few small Dodger items like a cap, book, and keychain or ornament. I found Dodger ornaments at Wal-Mart this year. You could also put together a game day package with tickets for you and your gift recipient for a Dodger game next year. There’s nothing a Dodger fan wants more than to go to a game with a friend!

*I am not affiliated with any of these companies. These were all gift ideas of my own*  

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