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Kirk Gibson Has Officially Lost It

You know something, this site has never been about being anti-other teams. I mean sure we hate the Giants, and hate the Dbacks, and that goes without saying. We may playfully poke fun at these teams but we do it in a non-rude way. We don’t have to say we hate the Giants and Snakes every day because well duh, we’re Dodger fans and well it’s obvious and an unspoken thing. We definitely do not waste our time constantly trying to point out other team’s problems, or trying to constantly berate other teams. It’s not a good use of our time. Do we poke fun? Absolutely. Occasionally talk trash in a playful way? Sure. Make wisecracks? Yes indeed. But we don’t trash other teams just for the purpose of trashing them. Nor do we do trash other teams because of jealousy or insecurities. We don’t need to.

Unfortunately other franchises don’t follow this model. The reason I bring this up is the recent Big League Stew article in which once again someone from the Dback’s orginization took the time to badmouth and criticize the Dodgers. This has been going on for the last couple of years now. The Dbacks have been talking smack on the Dodgers for the lamest reasons possible. But this one really takes the cake for me.

Kirk Gibson wants his bottle

Kirk Gibson wants his bottle

As you all know the Dodgers and Dbacks will be playing a two game series in Australia in March of 2014 to kick off the 2014 regular season. These are regular season games, and both clubs have sent players to Australia recently to act as ambassadors and try to create some excitement before spring training starts. The Dbacks have sent Paul Goldschmidt, and Patrick Corbin, while the Dodgers have sent catcher A.J. Ellis.

But according to Mike Oz of Big League Stew  this isn’t good enough for Dback’s manager Kirk Gibson. He is saying that A.J. isn’t “a big enough star” or some bogus crap like that.

Of course the feud between the Dodgers and Dbacks is getting worse by the day. We all remember the brawl from last June, and the pissing in the pool incident last September when the Dodgers clinched the NL West division title in the Snake’s home park. But this is getting ridiculous here.

Gibson had this to say about the Dodgers….

I’ll give you an example,” Gibson said. “Look at the guys who went down (on a goodwill tour of) Australia for us. Why did they do it? It’s who we are. It’s who the Diamondbacks are. We’re committed to the game of baseball. We’re committed to the community. I’ll put our organization up against anybody’s in terms of doing the right thing.

“We had Goldy go down there, along with Patrick Corbin and Derrick Hall, our president and CEO. Who’s the other team got down there? Are they too (expletive) good? Honestly?”

Get that guys? Apparently according to Gibson the Dodgers are not committed to the game because they sent A.J. down to the land down under. I am seriously laughing at this idiotic comment.

OK so Kirk Gibson has officially lost it guys. He has lost his mind. It really makes me sad to see Gibson resorting to childish insults and whining like a three-year old. Here is what I get from this. “waaaa….we lost to the Dodgers….waaaaaa…change my diaper…..waaaaaaaa, I can’t lead my mediocre Baseball club to finish above second place so I am going to complain like a child…..waaaaaa!!!!!!! Waaaaa!!!!!!

You know I still have the utmost respect for Kirk Gibson the Baseball player, his legendary World Series home run is one of the greatest Dodger moments in history, but Kirk Gibson the manager, yeesh that’s a different story. And talk about a slap in the face to poor A.J. Ellis. What did he ever do to you Gibby? Did he piss in your pool or something?

I’ve got an idea for Kirk Gibson and the Snakes. How about less whining and complaining and more winning. Stop acting like children and actually go out and win some baseball games. I am just so sick of this whole thing with the Snakes. They do more bitching and moaning than winning. That’s their problem. Not to mention all of the horrible Baseball decisions they have made over the last few years that have turned them into the mediocre club that they are today.

I hope all of the Dodgers piss in the pool during next year’s division crown celebration. I hope every Dodger lines up around the Chase Field pool drops their trou and every player takes a huge steamy dump in that stupid pool.

Gibson then went on to say this…..

“Did I get the A’s?” Gibson said, smiling. “Did I get the A’s?”

Oh brother…. Gibby you have lost your marbles….

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