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Mariners Interested In Kemp, Desperation

So the GM winter meetings are going on right now as we speak which is where all of the GM’s meet and discuss potential trades and free agent acquisitions, and it’s all been so, so……boring. Although there has been a few noteworthy happenings despite the meetings being about as exciting as watching paint dry.

It seems the Mariners are interested in outfielder Matt Kemp for some reason. Apparently the Mariners believe they have a time machine that travels back to 2011 before Kemp became the injury riddled doctor’s dream he is now. Jon Morosi’s tweet really clears things up with “Mariners interested in Kemp. Dodgers say Kemp is available”. Hmmm what analysis. So Baseball players are available, you don’t say? Morosi’s next tweet also confirmed that the Mariners are also interested in Baseball players, and the Dodgers have Baseball players, the last time I checked. Interesting times, very interesting, isn’t it?

I can only assume that the Mariners are desperate after over like a decade of losing. So they’re willing to take a chance on Kemp who has been riddled with injuries over the last two seasons. He played in just 106 games in 2012, and 73 games in 2013. Kemp batted .270 with six home runs and 33 runs driven in last season, as he battled a myriad of injuries. Such as his back, his shoulder, his hamstring, and his ankle. I’m not sure Kemp has any more body parts left to injure, but I shouldn’t speak too soon. As soon as I say that Kemp will go on the disabled list with a sprained funny bone. Imagine that board game operation, that’s Matt Kemp’s body. Of course the Dodgers have the surplus of outfielders, as we hear almost every hour, and blah blah blah, Yasiel Puig, blah blah blah.

Maybe the Dodgers can con the Mariners into giving us Seager’s brother? Would you do a Kemp for Seager trade, straight-up? I would think about it. Kemp is still owed a lot of money, and signed through 2019. An infield with Seager’s brother, Hanley Ramirez, Alexander Guerrero, and Adrian Gonzalez sounds delicious. The Mariners also have a lot of other good prospects in their system. The idea is tempting.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments

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  • Luke775

    HA, HA, HA , HA. KEMP will come roaring back this year. He was on the verge of an MVP season when he ran into the wall at Coors field. He injured his shoulder worse than he wants to admit, and tried to come back too soon. His ankle problem was a fluke..the back and the hammy both occurred from him trying to push himself into being a stud again before he was ready.
    Puig, Hanley, Kemp, Gonzo, Guerrero, Uribe, Crawford, Ellis….what a line-up. watch and see.

  • Marinerjim

    Ok just throwing this out here.. I know you guys love Kemp and I think he is awesome. How about Kyle Seager and Tom Wilhemsen and a prospect not named Walker or Paxton for Kemp. The Dodgers really need infielders and Seager is a cheap productive player, Wilhemsen is a good reliever who has the ability to start and the prospect is just that a prospect.

    • LasordasLair

      Not really interested in Wilhemson. They would probably have to throw in Zunino, and another pitching prospect along with Seager in order for me to want to get behind it. Because if Kemp can somehow overcome his rustiness, then he’s one of the best players in Baseball. I mean it’s Matt Kemp. But I think you’re onto to something though. There’s some room for wiggle.what bout Hultzen?

      • Marinerjim

        The Dodgers wont touch Hultzen because he just had major surgery on his shoulder. Zunino is basically untouchable because as of right now we would have no catchers at all… But I do think that the two teams could work out a deal that would benefit both teams. Alot of my fellow mariner fans do not understand that we would have to trade quality to get someone like Kemp.

        My reasoning is 4 very easy steps to follow..

        1) Mariners need Outfielders
        2) Mariners have Infielders up the kazooo
        3) Dodgers have Outfielders
        4) Dodgers need infielders.

        We may even throw someone like Nick Franklin or someone like that.

        • LasordasLair

          Well the Dodgers don’t really need infielders plural, they need a third baseman, but I still wouldn’t trade Kemp. At least not yet. Nick Franklin might work. I didn’t know Hultzen just had surgery. So you think Zunino would be untouchable for sure? I think any deal with Kemp would have to have Kyle Seager involved.

          • Marinerjim

            I just dont feel Zunino would be included in the deal.. I mean we would have zero catchers other then Montero and he is definately not a catcher he is DH at best..

            Seager I would really hate giving up on but to get a MVP type player like Kemp I would. A pitcher that might interest you is Trevor Pike he I believe was the mariner minor league pitcher of the year. Might want to look that up cuz I could be wrong,

            I am sure the Dodgers and Mariners will talk at the winter meetings in december.