Oct 22, 2013; Boston, MA, USA; Chris Williams paints the World Series logo on the field during media day the day before game one of the 2013 World Series between the Boston Red Sox and St. Louis Cardinals at Fenway Park. Mandatory Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

What To Do About the World Series as Dodger Fans

The World Series begins Wednesday night. I’m not sure if I’m going to even watch it this year. I’m still incredibly bitter, disappointed, and not to mention depressed about the NLCS. Game 6 was especially gut-wrenching as we watched the Cardinals rip the hearts out of Dodger fans everywhere. It wasn’t all the Cardinals fault though (although I do blame a majority of it on Joe Kelly), but it was also the fact that our Boys in Blue could only muster up two hits in what would be the final time we would be able to watch Dodger baseball until Spring Training next year. Yes, the final memory we have is of Clayton Kershaw melting down, the Dodgers bowing out to the Cardinals, and the wincing pain on Hanley Ramirez‘s face. We don’t have to remember things that way though, Dodger fans. We can replace those ugly memories with Juan Uribe‘s jazzy homerun in the NLDS, or perhaps one of the many Hanley homers we gleefully watched throughout the season, Clayton Kershaw’s Opening Day dinger or one of his many, many dominating starts of 2013, Yasiel Puig‘s grand slam, Yasiel Puig’s cannon throw in his Dodger debut, Yasiel Puig’s arrogant bat flips, the brawls, the pool party, the incredible 42-8 run.


Oct 19, 2013; Boston, MA, USA; Boston Red Sox right fielder Shane Victorino (18) celebrates after hitting a grand slam against the Detroit Tigers during the seventh inning in game six of the American League Championship Series playoff baseball game at Fenway Park. Mandatory Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

The question now is, what do we do about the World Series? One option is to ignore its existence. What World Series? A St. Louis-Boston matchup is not exactly one in which I would look forward to even if the Dodgers weren’t knocking on the door to the Fall Classic mere days ago. Two pretty reprehensible teams filled with Dodger villains and bearded Bostonian bat-wielding sluggers. Do we root for a team? No way. Is there a lesser of the two evils? I’m not quite sure…

For me, I could sort of kind of not be as sickened by a Boston win. After all my mother was born in Boston. So there’s that. Yet the very thought of Shane Victorino celebrating his shockingly predictable sneaky game-winning hit is just too much for my head to wrap around. I choose not to even acknowledge that the scraggily bearded Red Sox outfielder was ever even a Dodger. Where were the grand slams when you were wearing Blue, Shane?

Then there is those disgusting beards, and I mean a lot of them. It’s like they all took a pact to grow out these Jayson Werth-like facial atrocities just to mess with our stomachs and our sensibilities. This bearded Boston brigade seems like it can’t be stopped, or can it?

The Cardinals are so annoyingly successful. Eleven World Championships, and they have their sight on yet another one. Can’t they give someone else a chance? Yadier Molina, who may be one of the only players set to play in this World Series which I can actually truly root for, will be leading St. Louis in its quest for supremacy upon that highest of perches. While Boston has Shane Victorino, my most-hated player in all of baseball, the Cardinals have Matt Holliday. Holliday has been busy aggravating Dodger fans for many seasons now with his monstrous homeruns which eclipse Dodger Stadium’s confines. They also have Carlos Beltran who could single-handedly crush the dreams of babies and Dodger fans across the globe with his continued postseason prowess. Joe Kelly, a new Dodger villain who burst on to the scene during this year’s NLCS after he took out Hanley Ramirez with one fastball to the ribs, could use a goggle breaking bean ball himself. (Not that I condone hitting a player intentionally of course). Too bad Kelly doesn’t wear said glasses when batting, but you see where I’m going here. I suppose the Cardinals are the National League representative, and I should somehow be on their side. Matt Carpenter‘s triple against Clayton Kershaw in the NLCS sure snaps me out of that mind set real fast.

Two storied franchises who aren’t the Dodgers. That’s all you really need to know.

October 15, 2013; Los Angeles, CA, USA; St. Louis Cardinals left fielder Matt Holliday (7) rounds the bases after he hits a two run home run during the third inning against the Los Angeles Dodgers in game four of the National League Championship Series baseball game at Dodger Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Whatever the outcome is, I won’t be happy. My team is sitting on their couch watching the World Series instead of playing in it. While the Dodgers are squabbling about whether Don Mattingly will be returning in 2014, Boston and St. Louis are vying for yet another golden trophy.

While admittedly I’ll probably be tuning into this year’s World Series, because after all baseball is on and it’s going to be a long, cold winter without it, I won’t be cheering on anyone this year. I’ll most likely be muttering to myself about the NLCS or throwing insults at the bearded visions upon my screen.

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  • BlueInStLouis

    I live in St. Louis. They’re not very welcoming to out of town fans… I’ve been told in the last couple weeks that I should be shot for being a Dodger fan, that Dodger history and tradition essentially doesn’t count because they moved from Brooklyn, and that our team is a bunch of whiners (with Yasiel Puig being singled out). Over the last couple decades, I have discovered that the St. Louis fans’ reputation is vastly overrated. They’re a bunch of spoiled and arrogant brats who like thinking of themselves as better than every other fanbase in baseball almost more than they actually like rooting for their team. As much as I hate Boston and their cast of players, I really want them to sweep the Cardinals in four blowout games.

    • Stacie Wheeler

      I’ve encountered the nastiness of some of the Cardinals fans which surprised me. Has it always been that way or has it gotten worse since the NLCS?

      • BlueInStLouis

        It’s upped a little bit, but I’m sad to say I that I have come to expect it. I originally came out here when I was in Middle School. I had TEACHERS ripping on the Dodgers because they knew I was a fan. The thing is, I would say that there are three kinds of fans in St. Louis – the kind that earns them their reputation as “the best fans in baseball”. They are about 15% – 20% of the population. Then there’s the casual fan, another 15% – 20% of the population, who sees the team as a social thing for the St. Louis population in general, and really relishes their status as the best in baseball. I hear a lot of self-righteous comments from this kind of fan, declaring themselves to be morally superior to whatever fan base the Cards are currently playing against. These are generally good natured about the teasing, but their good-natured comments wear out fast. The rest is made up of the obnoxious fan who. It seems like every other out-of-town fan that I have met since I moved here, with the exception of the ones who are only here temporarily (i.e. college students), came in to town with no ill will against the Cardinals and now can’t stand the team because of the fans alone.

        I know it’s all anecdotal, so take it for what it’s worth. My experience may very well be an anomaly. The people themselves are normally very nice, polite, and overall very good people to live and work with. But from what I have seen, when the subject turns to baseball, they lose their friggin’ minds…

        • BlueInStLouis

          And FYI, I am almost 32 and have been in St. Louis full time or just over 10 years. I went to a boarding school in the area, commuting back to Palmdale, CA for the summer, winter, and spring holidays between the fall of 1994 and June of 2000. I then went to college in the St. Louis area and stuck around for the affordable living afterwards.

          • Stacie Wheeler

            Thanks for the insight into living in St. Louis as a Dodger fan. Like I said, during the NLCS I was so surprised at the Cardinals fans since I always heard the fanbase was one of the best in the Majors as far as classiness. I do know some Cardinal fans who do live up to that image, but there are a lot who were really nasty and hateful. I’ve only been to St. Louis once as a child, so I can’t comment on the atmosphere so I appreciate your commentary on what it is like.

          • BlueInStLouis

            In a way I feel bad – I needed to vent I guess. But I have seen a lot of nastiness from fans for a long time… You’re right, though. There are Cardinal fans who earn the reputation they have, and those fans are great to talk to. But truth be told, there are enough people out here that are as vicious as can be that it makes it difficult to tell when you’ve found one of the good ones.

          • LasordasLair

            Ive heard the cost of living is a lot cheaper out there.

          • BlueInStLouis

            Oh it is a lot cheaper. And when we’re not talking baseball, the people are really great to know and work with. But for some reason, the Cardinals cause some kind of a Jekyll and Hyde transformation. It’s really the only major downside of living out here for me.

  • Charmed27

    Now I know how the Dodgers felt! The Sox are shutting us out. Oh well, as a famous ball player once said, “it ain’t over till it’s over!” Naive as I may seem. Even though it’s the bottom of the 6th I’m still holding onto hope for a Cardinal comeback. I am so sorry about Carlos Beltran’s injury, especilly being his first WS and this could be his last season. It’s a shame. Anyway, I just wanted you to know I can empathize with you, Stacie. Even more so if we lose the whole thing…God forbid!

    • Stacie Wheeler

      Hi Char, it’s far from over but the Red Sox have been unstoppable this season. The Cards can’t make anymore mistakes like in Game 1. I never wish injury to any player so I hope Beltran is okay. His catch was amazing, and if the Cardinals lose him in the series it will be devastating like Hanley’s loss was to us in the NLCS.