Dodgers NLCS Roster

Dodgers Set 2013 NLCS Roster

The Dodgers have released their 2013 NLCS roster this morning. The roster is the same as the NLDS with two exceptions. Left hander Chris Capuano is replaced by right hander Edinson Volquez as the long man on the roster. For some reason left hander Paco Rodriguez was left off the roster for right hander Carlos Marmol. I can live with Capuano not being on the roster, but leaving Paco off of the roster is a mistake in my opinion. Paco had been showing signs of fatigue, but he hardly pitched at all in the division series. He only had two appearances in the NLDS against the Braves. The Dodgers now only have one left hander in the bullpen for the entire series. (Howell) It seems as though Wilson’s emergence has sealed poor Paco’s fate.

The problem with that is that the Cardinals have a bunch of dangerous left handed batters in their lineup, which include, Jon Jay, Matt Carpenter, Daniel Descalso, and that fat guy Adams. Carlos Beltran is also a switch-hitter. This may come back to bite the Dodgers in the later innings. The rest of the roster shakes up as the same from the NLDS.

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