Sep 7, 2013; Cincinnati, OH, USA; Los Angeles Dodgers Manager Don Mattingly pulls his starter Zack Greinke (21) during the bottom of the 7th inning during the Dodgers 3-4 loss to the Cincinnati Reds at Great American Ball Park. Mandatory Credit: Rob Leifheit-USA TODAY Sports

Dodgers lose 4-3 to the Reds in Extra Innings

Dodgers 3 10 0
Reds        4 11 1

WP: J.J. Hoover (4-5)
LP: Brian Wilson (1-1)

The Dodgers have now lost three in a row. Dodgers fans, don’t go crazy over the small losing streak and put the blame on the Dodgers skipper, Don Mattingly. These streaks happen, even to the best and hottest teams in baseball. It was just simply another day that the Dodgers offense started hitting early and scoring three runs, but were shut down for the game. Sure, the Dodgers had their opportunities here and there to increase the lead, but their base running blunders squashed their opportunities. Same goes for the Reds. That’s the beauty of baseball, there are challenges and it is a whole new day. Meaning that the best team or the worst team in baseball all have a chance to win the game every day.

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The first run came in early for the Dodgers at the start of the game, right fielder Yasiel Puig scored on shortstop Hanley Ramirez’s single to left, making it, 1-0. First baseman Adrian Gonzalez moved to second on the base hit. The Reds countered in the bottom half of the first on two singles to left by outfielders Jay Bruce and Ryan Ludwick to score two runs to make the score, 2-1, Reds. In the second inning, Puig hit for 391 feet into the stands for a two run home run, putting the Dodgers ahead, 3-2. Dodgers reliever Paco Rodriguez gave up the tying run on double to left by former Dodger, second baseman Cesar Izturis to tie the game, 3-3. After the Dodgers failing to seize the chance in the top of the 10th inning, Dodgers set up man Brian Wilson, gave up a five pitch walk to Ludwick. Billy Hamilton then went out to pinch run for Ludwick and stole second without a throw. Hamilton, then scored from second on a single by third baseman Todd Frazier to win the game.

Credit: Rob Leifheit-USA TODAY Sports

Dodgers starting pitcher Zack Greinke held that score for six innings, while giving eight hits, one walk and giving up two runs. Greinke came out of the game in the sixth inning with 9 strike outs. Greinke had a one run lead that would have given him a chance for his 15th win of the season, but ended up getting a no decision. Greinke was facing Reds pitcher, Mat Latos, who was putting up ace-like numbers this year for the reds. Latos threw for seven innings, gave up nine hits, one walk and three earned runs. Latos only had three strike outs, which was unusual for Latos.

Credit: Rob Leifheit-USA TODAY Sports

Rodriguez, who replaced Greinke in the the 7th inning and gave up the tying run, looked fatigued lately because he hasn’t been able to pitch one whole inning without getting into a jam. Now, I know Paco is a very reliable reliever to depend on in the bullpen and can match up with lefties because he CAN get the outs. I just think that Paco is getting overworked and needs to catch his breath. So he can be a little bit more fresh for the postseason. It’s September. The time to bring in players that can help players catch their breath and gear up for the postseason. It would be NOT be good news if Rodriguez is too tired to pitch the postseason.Wouldn’t it? Wouldn’t it have been very wise to have brought up a third lefty reliever? Say, Onelki Garcia? Or at least give Chris Withrow, J.P. Howell (I know he pitched the last 2 days), Carlos Marmol and Peter Moylan more innings to give the key relievers more rest. Give Moylan a chance to compete for Brandon League’s spot on the Dodgers’ postseason roster because having League on the postseason roster is a very bad idea, considering he is having the worst season of his career.

Credit: Rob Leifheit-USA TODAY Sports

Wilson, who gave up the game winning single in today’s game, was shaking his arm a little bit after giving up a walk to Ludwick. Mattingly and a Dodgers trainer went out to the mound to check to see if Wilson was feeling any leftover effects from the Tommy John surgery. Wilson appeared to fine and was just wanted to shake off the walk off his mind. Wilson, has shown that he can still pitch in tough situations after missing a season and a half because of Tommy John surgery. Wilson will be very helpful and effective in the postseason.

Dodgers play their last game of the long road trip tomorrow at 5:05 pm PST on ESPN as Clayton Kershaw will be looking for his 15th win of the season and avoid getting sweep in Cincinnati. Kershaw has (14-8) record leads the majors in ERA, sporting a 1.89. On the mound for the Reds trying to get his 11th win of the season, Homer Bailey. Bailey threw a no hitter earlier in the season against the San Francisco Giants, sports an ERA of 3.42 and also has (10-10) record. Let’s go Dodgers, let’s end the road trip with a victory! Go Dodgers!

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  • valdez310

    While a three game losing streak is nothing to go crazy over; the fact that the Dodgers are 1-4, and have lost two consecutive series to playoff teams is a little concerning. The pitching will be there; that’s just a testament to Kersh, Greinke, Ryu and Nolasco’s talent level. The offense however, is a whole different story.
    I hope Kemp comes back healthy within the next 10 days; we are definitely going to need him. If he does, Mattingly needs to hit 1.Crawford, 2. Puig, 3. Hanley, 4. Kemp. 5. AGon 6. M.Ellis 7. Uribe 8. A.J. Being an offense that doesn’t hit home runs and is station to station on the base paths is not a good recipe for scoring a lot of runs.
    What needs fixing (if I was king for the day…lol)
    Carl Crawford needs to work on his plate discipline. He swings at way too many first pitches and he seems unaware of what situational hitting means. I like his speed at the top of the line up but Mattingly needs to sit his ass down next time he swings at a first pitch from the lead off spot.
    AGon needs to swing for the fences more. This team needs his power. I’d rather see him go 2 for 4 with a hr and a double than 4 for 4 with all singles. He slows down Hanley and/or Ethier when he’s on the base paths as well. We need the real AGon not Wally Joyner.
    A.J. looks physically beat down; I think he needs lots of rest. FedEx should be able to feel in nicely in the next few weeks. A.J. is the only one of all starters that needs rest. Not only does he play the most demanding position but he’s also the only one showing fatigue. A.J.’s game calling and defense will be huge in the playoffs.
    Saying I’m not a fan of Mattingly is an understatement; he needs to manage the game. It seems like he doesn’t understand the value of one run. Maybe that’s the American League in him. He also is being far too loyal to his bench players. Punto, Skip, and Hairston did not become role players this year! They are professional role players; they know how to be ready for when their time comes and their time is not at the beginning of the game. If you Donnie wants to bring them in after the starters give the Dodgers a comfortable lead then go ahead so the starters can rest a little but don’t feel like Punto and them need starts to stay fresh and ready. That’s my Dodgers rant for the day! lol

    • Lucas Talbot

      Valdez310, I agree with you on most points. As for Matt Kemp coming back, he will not automatically replace Andre Ethier in the starting lineup right away. Kemp has been out for most of season. It would not be fair for Andre Ethier, who pretty much held the offense together with Adrian Gonzalez for the whole season, to go straight to the bench. I think what’s best for Kemp is once he comes off the DL, he will start on the bench and from there, will work his way into the starting lineup. Starting on days that if Ethier has a bad history of facing the specific pitcher or its a tough lefty.

      I definitely agree with you that A.J. Ellis is a VERY important piece to this team. If it weren’t for Ellis, the pitching staff could be worse. With Ellis extremely fatigued, it wouldn’t do the Dodgers any good in the playoffs. So, you are right that Tim Federowicz should shoulder more of that load from Ellis, so Ellis can relax and prepare for the playoffs. The Dodgers did bring up a third catcher in Drew Butera, whom the Dodgers acquired at the trade deadline, but Don Mattingly has been very reluctant to start him because Butera is new to the organization and didn’t participate with the team in spring training camp and pitchers don’t know what to expect from him behind the dish, so therefore Butera may not start until the Dodgers either clinch the division and in turn give Ellis day offs or one of the catchers get hurt. (HOPE NOT!!!)

      I kind of side with Mattingly on playing the role players more often because 1) the starters are way more fresh right now and will be ready for the playoffs with the exception of A.J. Ellis. 2) When they do play often, their bats are still in the rhythm and being prevented from being too rusty. I will admit this though, when Hanley went down at the beginning of the season, Punto played way too much, therefore seeing his .345 batting dip all they way down to .260, but Punto is starting to swing well again. 3) Skip Schumaker has been great for the Dodgers, with the exception of the month of April, he was trying too hard to fit in. Hairston, he won’t be playing as much now as he did earlier in the season, with the addition of Michael Young, whom I believe will be a key player on the bench when comes October.

      On Carl Crawford, him swinging on the first pitch is not necessarily a bad thing, he’s had a lot of success swinging on the first pitch, but you are right when comes to these opportunities to score some more runs, it gets bad when the opposing team switch pitchers though or when the Dodgers have opportunities to take the lead late in the game. That is where Crawford would need to calm down and take as many pitches as he can and find the right pitch to get on base.

      For Gonzalez, I wouldn’t change anything with him. He has been the Dodgers most consistent player on offense. You are not wrong on Gonzalez slowing down the Dodgers on the base paths, but I can live with that. There are times that I wish he could have had hit a home run in the specific at bat, but Gonzalez isn’t the same guy that we saw in San Diego, a couple years ago. He had shoulder surgery and that affected his swing, so he wouldn’t be hitting 40 home runs a year, but he has hit almost 20 home runs this year for the Dodgers with Hanley Ramirez and Yasiel Puig closing in on the home run number behind Gonzalez. I would take three guys with almost 20 home runs a piece over one guy hitting 40 home runs because that shows that there are more than one person helping the team win. Thats key, I rather have 25 guys that play together and carry the team to victory rather than relying on one guy to carry the team. Look at the Cardinals they were able to win two world series in a span three world series trips in this decade because they played as team.

      Valdez310, you bring up valid points on what the Dodgers should do for the rest of september and to prepare for postseason. Thank you for reading my article and being a good supporter of Lasorda’s Lair!