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The Dodger’s Bullpen Loses A Close Lead

Dodgers 2 6 0
Marlins 6 10 1

The Dodgers have a 2 game losing streak for the first time since June 20-21. It be crazy to think that the Dodgers would be unbeatable while they were on that crazy run during the 50 game span. They had that 10 game winning streak during the run. But what can you do? There are such things as a losing streak and errors. Marlins starting pitcher Jose Fernandez threw for 6 innings, keeping most of the lineup hitless except for Dodgers third baseman Juan Uribe, a bright spot in tonight’s game, went three for three against Fernandez. Uribe was 3 for 4 with a run scored and a run batted in (rbi) for the whole game. Uribe had half of the Dodgers’ six hits in the entire game.
Fernandez got on base with a single off of Dodgers starting pitcher Hyun Jin Ryu, then Marlins outfielder Christian Yelich doubled to deep left and Fernandez scored for the first run of the ball game in the 3rd inning, then Marlins second baseman Donovan Solano singled to right, scoring Yelich.

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The Dodgers had the bases loaded in the 5th inning down, 2-0. Uribe was on third, second baseman Mark Ellis was on second and Ryu was on first and the Dodgers were only able to come out of the inning with one run scored on a potential double play that left fielder Carl Crawford beat out. Then in the 6th innning, Fernandez hit Dodgers center fielder Andre Ethier in the kneecap, Ethier was having a little trouble getting to first, but eventually stayed in the game. With Ethier on first, Uribe doubles to deep left to score Ethier from first and the was last run of the game the Dodgers could score. In the 8th inning, Ryu was able to get one out and Dodgers manager Don Mattingly pulled him out with the score still 3-2. Chris Withrow comes in, which at the time I agreed that was a good move since Ronald Belisario and Paco Rodriguez had pitched the day before, Withrow was able to get another out, but gave a long home run to Marlins right fielder, Giancarlo Stanton, making it 4-2. Mattingly pulls Withrow out and brings in the lefty J.P. Howell. Howell, however couldn’t get the job done giving up 2 more runs, making it 6-2. At this point, Mattingly had to go to the bullpen again with a man on base and brought in Carlos Marmol. Marmol was able to get out of the jam.

The Dodgers had two runs, six hits and no errors in the loss to the Marlins, who countered with six runs, ten hits and one error. Ryu threw for 7 and 1/3 innings and took the loss, his record is now (12-4), which is still impressive for a rookie starting pitcher. The heart of the lineup, right fielder Yasiel Puig, first baseman Adrian Gonzalez, shortstop Hanley Ramirez and Ethier all combined for 1 for 15 with a walk, with Gonzalez getting the lone hit and walk. Ryu’s counterpart, Fernandez, left the game with a win, bringing his record to (9-5).

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I think its time for Mattingly to give Marmol more opportunities to prove that he really belongs in LA, like he did with Withrow. Withrow then took it the opportunity and got really hot, giving the Dodgers a lot scoreless innings until today. During that run, he got the nickname, Whiff-throw. Marmol has thrown about 8 scoreless innnings in his last 7 appearances, showing that he could return to his all star form from his early days in Chicago. Who knows?

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It was a day where the heart of the lineup was shut down, but things like that happens to the best teams, like the Dodgers. Tomorrow, the Dodgers and Marlins play at 4 pm pst. Chris Capuano will try to get his fifth win of the season for the Dodgers with a record of (4-6) and a era of 4.66. Jacob Turner will be on the mound for the Marlins with a record of (3-4) and an era of 2.89. Hopefully, tomorrow will be zero runs given up day tomorrow and Dodgers offense rebound and scores some big time runs for Cappy. Once again, Go Blue!

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  • KoreAmBear

    Why can’t we bring up Fife instead of Capuano? Because he’s all out of options? Fife is much better than Capuano. Then perhaps DFA him?

    • Stacie Wheeler

      Actually Fife had a disastrous start yesterday for Albuquerque. He allowed 6 runs in 1/3 of an inning on 1 hit and 5 walks. I hope his shoulder issue isn’t flaring up again.

    • LasordasLair

      They had been using him out of the bullpen, but I guess they tried starting him again. Probably his shoulder again. I m a big Fife fan, and Ill be rooting for him to make a comeback.

  • Rhonda Wood

    Lucas, Tim Wood here, you have to give it to Miami’s scouts, they go through this rebuilding process about every 3 or 4 years. And man do they come up with some really good young players! We have to remember these are playoff games for these kids, against the Blue, they are going to give everything they have in these 4 games Don’t like our chances, with Cappy to night, this is good hitting young team, he has been getting hit pretty hard lately! Ryu did a good job against them last night, but it may take Zack or Kersh to beat them, not real confident in Cappy right now, I to, wish Fife was pitching tonight KAB.

  • Quasimodo

    Two losses, Puig nightclubbing, lackadaisical star play and Dodgers fans drawing conclusions to the point of trade talk. But there’s a valid threat in there. Seeds of the poisonous plant could sprout and timing is everything. Props to Miami but they didn’t face a team playing its A-game. Crawford would of caught that fly ball on a different day, or at least would of missed it by a far less margin. It was a boring game played by (for the most part) a bored team. Time to go to work boys! Make those kind of headlines! Don’t let what’s been accomplished slip away!

  • LasordasLair

    Puig was a little out of control yesterday guys, but according to reports Mattingly had a talk with him. Today he was apparently late to the clubhouse because he got stuck in traffic. Oy Vey

  • Lucas Talbot

    TIm, Yes the Marlins did do really good with their scouting. They picked up some very good players on the roster. I think the marlins got the better part of the blockbuster that sent Jose Reyes to the blue jays. It was a good battle between Ryu and Jose Fernandez. It was unfortunate that Fernandez came out with the win. That is true. It is like playoffs to them for the Marlins. The Marlins will try to play the role of spoilers against any team that has a chance to clinch a playoff spot. Cappy has been very inconsistent this whole season. Cappy was originally suppose to be the long reliever before the injuries to Chad Billingsley and Josh Beckett. Cappy could have had a better season as a long reliever. That move to the bullpen would have continued his MLB career. Fife just pitched last night and struggled mightily. I do not believe Fife shoulder is flaring again, I believe that he simply just had really bad day yesterday. His pitches were not working for him. The Dodgers will wait to september to bring him up sadly. I like Fife too as well, he has shown that he has the ability to go after the hitters especially the big name players! For that very reason, I think Fife will be the majors for a long time unless he gets injured.