Poor Uribe

Messing With Uribe Is The Thing To Do (The Slap Heard Round The World)

Poor Uribe. He’s had some week. On Sunday afternoon against the Rays he was the victim of the hidden ball trick while standing at third base. It was confusing and embarrassing for the unlucky portly third sacker. But what may have been worse was what happened to him in the Dodger clubhouse, and dugout.

It seems that Uribe was the victim of some in-house pranksters. First Adrian Gonzalez and Yasiel Puig decided to do some good natured ribbing on Uribe after Sunday’s game. It looks like Uribe was the victim of some good old fashioned tomfoolery. Then Check out what happened during the ninth inning of last night’s 4-2 Dodger win over the New York Mets. There’s Uribe in the dugout and there’s Hyun-jin Ryu slapping him across the face. I am speaking the truth. Check it out below. Uribe does not look happy. (Just refresh to view again)

Take a look at Ryu’s slap though. He has excellent slapping form, almost like he’s tossing a two-seamer or something. Even some of Uribe’s sunflower seeds were knocked out of his cheek. Good lord Ryu, well done. That’s perfection. Much like the Dodger’s season.

After Sunday’s game, Gonzalez and Puig taped a cleat inside a base and placed it hilariously at his locker. Then they took pictures of course, of course. Because it’s hilarious.



The Dodgers are of course on one of the most historically prolific runs in Major League Baseball history. At 38-8 over their last 45 games, the Dodger clubhouse is a fun and happy place to be. Winning helps make that happen. But the Dodgers have some great team chemistry going on. They all joke around with each other and they are very close-knit. Although I think Uribe may be getting tired of being the butt of the jokes so often.

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