Dishing Up The Dodgers Podcast Returns Tonight At 11-Episode 4

The Dishing Up The Dodgers Podcast hosted by Nick Hamilton and myself, returns tonight after the Dodger game at 11 PM. Our weekly podcast returns for episode number 4 tonight at 11 PM. Join us as we discuss the various news around Dodger town.

Tonight we will discuss Yasiel Puig and his amazing start, and where he fits into the future of a Dodger outfield that was already full before the season starts. We’ll talk about the various injuries cursing the Dodgers in 2013, and we’ll discuss the last series against San Diego, and preview the upcoming series versus Atlanta. We’ll also discuss the Dodger bullpen, proper usage, and the future of the 2013 Dodger season. Is all hope lost?

You can check out the show tonight, and catch the rest of the past episodes at our show link here-

If you would like to ask us any questions, please let us know, send us a tweet, or comment, and we will try to answer them on the air as best we can. We hope that you join us tonight. Check us out and listen in as Nick and I Dish up the Dodgers.

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