Download The Latest Dodger Themes From Brandthunder

The guys over at are at it again this year. Those good people are the makers of the official Dodger brower themes for the 2013 season. These are the browser themes that are the ones that are listed for download on the Dodger’s main web site.

Each theme comes styled with team logos and colors along with interactive elements to keep you updated on scores breaking news and trades. They also have links to purchase tickets to games. The themes are totally free to download, and they have a theme which supports every browser. They support all of the major browsers like internet explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome. This is a great way to show your Blue support throughout the season, and have a really cool Dodger theme installed onto your machine. These are actually very cool, and I have one installed on my own machine as well.

So whether you have a laptop or desktop, or tablet, download one of these cool Dodger themes today! You can download the broswer themes here.

Again these cool looking Dodger themes are brought to you buy the good people at

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