Dashenko Ricardo has signed with the Dodgers

Dodgers Sign Netherland Catcher Dashenko Ricardo And Three Other Guys

Wow, imagine if you are one of the three other guys I mentioned above.  That’s how you know you are very low on your team’s depth chart, when someone mentions you as “other guys”. If anything, it’s a quick reminder that we can’t know everything about every player who signs. Sometimes the players that are signed are so obscure it’s nearly humorous. Because let’s be honest, these guys don’t have a prayer of a chance of ever even sniffing a major league uniform in their lives. but hey I don’t mean to be mean here. You never know I guess.

The Dodgers have signed four more international players to minor league contracts. One player they have signed is the catcher from the Netherlands team that has made it to the semifinals of the 2013 World Baseball Classic. Dashenko Ricardo is his name I believe. He is a right handed hitting catcher with the Netherlands team. He is 23 years old, and originally signed by Baltimore. He spent about three years in the Baltimore organization, and apparently is now with the Giants franchise. He’s never played above the A ball level. He has a career .229 average in six minor league seasons. He has hit only four home runs, and has a career .562 OPS, and .262 OBP. Those are pretty frightening numbers, but I guess he’s young enough to improve. Interestingly enough, Ricardo pitched three games while with the Arizona League Giants in 2011. What I am hearing, or rather reading through the grapevine is that the Giants were considering moving him from Catcher to the mound. The Dodgers could do the same thing considering that is exactly what they did with fellow Netherland teammate Kenley Jansen. Remember, Jansen was also a catcher converted to pitcher. Oddly enough, Jansen also hit a crappy .229 at catcher as well. This guy must have a pretty strong arm. The Netherlands are still very alive in the World Baseball Classic, so we should be able to get a couple of more looks at Ricardo before the WBC ends.

The other three guys signed, are just that, they are other guys. The three players are all from the Dominican. They signed two shortstops, and a left handed pitcher. The two shortstops are Carlos Aquino, and Dennis Santana, and the lefty pitcher is Cesar Romero. I really can’t find much if any information on these three players. That’s how unknown they are. Honestly I would rather not waste anymore time looking up info on Carlos Aquino, and Cesar Romero. No offense to those guys. Let’s just say these guys have Chattanooga, or Ogden for that matter written all over their faces, and leave it at that.

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