Playing Pepper With Daniel Shoptaw Of Cardinal70

It’s that time of the year again. Every year our good friend Daniel Shoptaw over at Cardinal70, or C70 at the bat, does his annual playing pepper project. Daniel runs the Cardinal blog called CardinalC70, or C70 at the bat. Every year around this time, Daniel interviews various writers, bloggers, and other Baseball enthusiasts to get a better feel for each Major League team’s situation before the regular season starts. Normally he does one for all 30 teams. For each team he interviews multiple writers, asks them questions about their respective teams, and posts it up on his site.

So it was my turn once again, and I sat down with Daniel, virtually to discuss the Dodgers, their off-season spending, and their chances for the 2013 season. Today was Daniel’s turn to post up the Dodger responses. There is a bigger connection with the Cardinals than in recent years because of the trade for Skip Schumaker, and the Dodgers hiring Mark McGwire as hitting coach. You can check out my interview with Daniel, and my answers here.

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  • Quasimodo

    Hello Scott, I could read how you were holding back just how excited you really are. I know you’ve done the math and found 93 wins to be the very bottom. I understand you were a guest and being polite and it showed class

    • LasordasLair

      Thanks! Yes, I was holding back. I had to remember that it was a Cardinal site, and not a Dodger site. Cardinal fans don’t want to hear how we’re going to crush the Giants, and win a World Series. Although, I’m sure they hate the Giants too now, after last year’s NLCS. All in all it’s a fun project.