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Justin Sellers Claims He Was Pranked By Police

You can file this under things that make you go hmmmm…..Remember back on January 19, Dodger infielder Justin Sellers was arrested in Sacramento for reckless driving of his motorcylce and evading arrest? The news was shocking to us when it first came out. Apparently according to reports, Sellers tried to evade arrest and after a short pursuit, was arrested and detained by West Sacramento police. We had learned that there were reports, or complaints of someone riding around recklessly on their motorcycle prior to the Sellers incident.

We now find out according to this article from Ken Gurnick, and from Sellers himself that that was not the case, and the arrest was just a misunderstanding. Actually Sellers is even claiming that the incident could have been a prank by the same West Sacramento police officers who he had gone on a ride along with just two days before the incident. Talk about a case of resentment from the orange and black. These Giant fans will do anything to screw with us. If it was a prank then it wasn’t funny. Locking someone up for several hours isn’t cool. Apparently according to Sellers, he had gone on a Police ride along only two days before, with one of his officer friends, who was one of the same officers who arrested him. 

Two days later he was riding his dirt bike on a trail near his home, when the officers flashed their patrol car lights at him. Thinking that it was intended for someone else, Sellers kept riding. The officers eventually caught him and placed him under arrest. Sellers had to spend five hours in the county jail.

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Sellers made his case, stating that he was doing nothing wrong at the time, and that there were no pedestrians on the trail. Sellers said it was just a big misunderstanding. Sellers said that the cops made it very clear to him that they knew who he was, and teased him for being a Dodger in enemy territory, which is basically anywhere up north. I still don’t know why any Dodger would want to live up in the lion’s den, but I digress. Sellers said he will have an attorney represent him at his March court date, and is hoping to get the charges dropped.

“I was scared, of course,” Sellers said of the arrest. “There were three other riders on the trail at the same time. I don’t want to sound like I was singled out. But at the time I was pulled over, I was doing nothing wrong. It’s a big misunderstanding. There weren’t any pedestrians anywhere. They did me wrong.

The 27 year old right handed hitting slick fielding infielder made the Dodger’s opening day roster last season. After making what many consider the catch of the season back in May, Sellers injured his back, and was never heard from or seen the rest of the season. Sellers made a spectacular running catch in foul territory while falling into the stands. He had season ending back surgery in August as a result of the injury. Sellers batted .205 (9 for 44) with one home run in 19 games and 50 plate appearances for the Dodgers in 2012. Sellers primarily played shortstop, but also saw time at second and third as well.

“I didn’t mean to bring negative attention to the Dodgers. They made it seem I was on a wild chase. Not once did I accelerate and speed away.”

I met Sellers two years ago during a signing event, and he seemed like a very nice and respectful guy. I hope everything works out for him and he stays out of trouble. Lesson learned though, the next time you get arrested or get in trouble up in Northern California, don’t tell the cops you play for the Dodgers until you are safely out of custody. let’s hope Justin sticks to riding mopeds next time. We wish you the best of luck Justin.

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