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If Kershaw Doesn't Win The Cy Young, I'll Scream

Indeed, he better win it. I’m serious, I will scream if he doesn’t.

In just a little over three hours the BBWAA will be announcing the Cy Young award winners from both Leagues. As you know, our very own Clayton Kershaw is nominated in the final three along with R.A. Dickey of the Mets, and Gio Gonzalez of Washington. If Kershaw wins it would be his second straight Cy Young award. Once again, Kershaw’s utter domination over all opponents should garner him enough votes to win his second straight Cy Young. He better. Or I will scream. I will.

We all know that no matter what happens that Kershaw is the real true Cy Young. First off Gonzalez has zero chance of winning, it’s basically between Kershaw and Dickey. Yes I agree that Dickey has had a great season, and you could make an argument for both pitchers, but Kershaw is simply the best. Hands down, no questions asked, give the NL Cy Young to Kersh, otherwise do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars.

The problem is, Dickey will more than likely win it. Why? Because of stupid wins, that’s why. Meaningless pitcher wins. Dickey was able to win 20 games, while Kershaw won 14. The reason why is because the Mets were able to score more runs for him then the Dodgers were for Kershaw. We all remember how many games this season where Kershaw allowed one or two measly runs yet still came away with a no-decision or even a loss. I remember two such games against the Giants where he only gave up two runs and lost because the Dodgers as usual, couldn’t hit. Hopefully that changes next season once the boys have a full season together.

Kershaw finished the 2012 season with a 14-9 record, and a 2.53 ERA, winning the ERA title. Remember he won the pitching triple crown last year. Kershaw also led the league in WHIP, BAA, quality starts, and finished second to Dickey with 229 whiffs. He finished only one whiff behind him. (Dickey had 230 whiffs). Kershaw also allowed less earned runs than Dickey did, 64 for Kersh to 71 for Dickey. Kershaw also allowed fewer home runs, 16 to Dickey’s 24 dingers served up. Kershaw also led the league in hits per nine, but did finish with more walks than Dickey. Not to mention Kershaw’s ERA+ was higher than Dickey’s. Kershaw’s ERA+ was 150, while Dickey posted a 140, if you look at that sort of stat.

Of course a lot of the writers will probably give it to Dickey because of his feel good story. Or because he’s a knuckleballer or whatever. Who cares? He doesn’t deserve to win it. It’s not Kershaw’s fault the Dodger offense was lousy in 2013. If they had scored any runs for him, he would have easily won 20 games.

We all knew that Kershaw was the “one”. Or the direct descendant of Sandy Koufax, a Dodger ace destined to bring the Dodger pitching staff back to glory. Stacie and I knew it the first time we saw him pitch. Plus not mention all of his wonderful charity work. I know that doesn’t get consideration for the Cy Young, but it’s still amazing, Him and his wife are building orphanages in Africa and saving starving children. Also the writers may feel that since he won last season that someone else should win this year. However that shouldn’t matter.

Look Dickey is a good pitcher, and had a terrific season. He should be commended. Unfortunately doesn’t deserve to win the Cy Young. I know I’m biased here, but don’t care. Kershaw deserves to win his second Cy Young award in a row because he is simply the most dominating pitcher in the National League. The BBWAA announces the results at 3PM pacific time today on the MLB Network.

Tune in later today and root for Kersh for his second straight Cy Young! Do the right thing BBWAA, choose Kershaw for the 2013 NL Cy Young award.

You know what’s even more amazing? Kershaw is only 24 years old. Stay Tuned. Go Kersh!

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