If Kershaw Doesn’t Win The Cy Young, I’ll Scream

Indeed, he better win it. I’m serious, I will scream if he doesn’t.

In just a little over three hours the BBWAA will be announcing the Cy Young award winners from both Leagues. As you know, our very own Clayton Kershaw is nominated in the final three along with R.A. Dickey of the Mets, and Gio Gonzalez of Washington. If Kershaw wins it would be his second straight Cy Young award. Once again, Kershaw’s utter domination over all opponents should garner him enough votes to win his second straight Cy Young. He better. Or I will scream. I will.

We all know that no matter what happens that Kershaw is the real true Cy Young. First off Gonzalez has zero chance of winning, it’s basically between Kershaw and Dickey. Yes I agree that Dickey has had a great season, and you could make an argument for both pitchers, but Kershaw is simply the best. Hands down, no questions asked, give the NL Cy Young to Kersh, otherwise do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars.

Kershaw better win the Cy.-Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-US PRESSWIRE

The problem is, Dickey will more than likely win it. Why? Because of stupid wins, that’s why. Meaningless pitcher wins. Dickey was able to win 20 games, while Kershaw won 14. The reason why is because the Mets were able to score more runs for him then the Dodgers were for Kershaw. We all remember how many games this season where Kershaw allowed one or two measly runs yet still came away with a no-decision or even a loss. I remember two such games against the Giants where he only gave up two runs and lost because the Dodgers as usual, couldn’t hit. Hopefully that changes next season once the boys have a full season together.

Kershaw finished the 2012 season with a 14-9 record, and a 2.53 ERA, winning the ERA title. Remember he won the pitching triple crown last year. Kershaw also led the league in WHIP, BAA, quality starts, and finished second to Dickey with 229 whiffs. He finished only one whiff behind him. (Dickey had 230 whiffs). Kershaw also allowed less earned runs than Dickey did, 64 for Kersh to 71 for Dickey. Kershaw also allowed fewer home runs, 16 to Dickey’s 24 dingers served up. Kershaw also led the league in hits per nine, but did finish with more walks than Dickey. Not to mention Kershaw’s ERA+ was higher than Dickey’s. Kershaw’s ERA+ was 150, while Dickey posted a 140, if you look at that sort of stat.

Of course a lot of the writers will probably give it to Dickey because of his feel good story. Or because he’s a knuckleballer or whatever. Who cares? He doesn’t deserve to win it. It’s not Kershaw’s fault the Dodger offense was lousy in 2013. If they had scored any runs for him, he would have easily won 20 games.

We all knew that Kershaw was the “one”. Or the direct descendant of Sandy Koufax, a Dodger ace destined to bring the Dodger pitching staff back to glory. Stacie and I knew it the first time we saw him pitch. Plus not mention all of his wonderful charity work. I know that doesn’t get consideration for the Cy Young, but it’s still amazing, Him and his wife are building orphanages in Africa and saving starving children. Also the writers may feel that since he won last season that someone else should win this year. However that shouldn’t matter.

Look Dickey is a good pitcher, and had a terrific season. He should be commended. Unfortunately doesn’t deserve to win the Cy Young. I know I’m biased here, but don’t care. Kershaw deserves to win his second Cy Young award in a row because he is simply the most dominating pitcher in the National League. The BBWAA announces the results at 3PM pacific time today on the MLB Network.

Tune in later today and root for Kersh for his second straight Cy Young! Do the right thing BBWAA, choose Kershaw for the 2013 NL Cy Young award.

You know what’s even more amazing? Kershaw is only 24 years old. Stay Tuned. Go Kersh!

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  • dusto

    I generally just go with whatever WAR gives me. And Kershaw wins that battle. Only slightly ahead of Gio and light years ahead of Dickey. There were some rumors that Cueto would get some first place votes, and no doubt he will. In fact, I almost expect that whoever votes for Cueto and Gio will take the win away from someone more deserving… Kershaw. That usually seems to be the case.

    • http://twitter.com/LasordasLair LasordasLair

      I can’t believe anyone would vote for Cueto or Gonzalez over Kershaw.

      • dusto

        There is always a local goofball who thinks his player from his team thinks he contributed more than anyone else. Technically Cueto was every bit as good, if not better, than Dickey. For some reason, Dickey seems like the popular pick right now. I just don’t see it. I have him at 4.

        I’d also expect the random top 5 vote for a reliever. Kimbrel and Chapman are great, but given that the “starting” group of pitchers contain at least 3 legit Cy Young contenders Kimbrel and/or Chapman shouldn’t get any top 3 votes. I’d expect one of them to get top 5 votes at least though.

        • dusto

          Gonzales, Cueto, and Kimbrel got first place votes. It didn’t keep Kershaw from winning though. John Fay from the Cincinatti Inquire voted for Cueto, Tim Kirkjian voted for Kimbrel, and some guy from Colorado voted for Gonzo. Dickey wasn’t the best in the NL, but he got it because of a team stat… wins. No doubt he had a nice season, but not the best. Its not the first time voters have screwed the pooch.

        • http://twitter.com/LasordasLair LasordasLair

          I agree, it was a feel good story, thats why Dickey won over Kershaw. It’s the oh the 38 year old comeback knuckleballer sob story. No disrespect to Dickey, he had a great season, but Kershaw is just better.

          • nicolebramstedt

            Feel good story discounts what Dickey did. As does the talk about it just being about the Mets scoring more runs for him. I live in NYC and watched all of Dickey’s starts, and he was completely dominating at times. For example, he was overpowering in June. In one game, he pitched a no-hitter (except that the ump gave a hit when it was clearly David Wright’s error). He followed that no-hitter up with nearly another no-hitter.
            Also, another article on the site said that he came out of nowhere. Not true. He pitched extremely well in 2011 but lacked run support and therefore had a poor record.

  • http://www.facebook.com/cbruenhall Chris Hall

    I find it disturbing that any fan would rely on one and only one metric for ANY baseball related decision, especially one of the big awards like CYA. Because you know what? Although WAR *attempts* to grapple with the sticky “how many more wins was this guy worth this season?” question, WAR in and of itself is a somewhat arbitrary metric. For example, park adjustment factors are a very blunt instrument and don’t take into account the myriad other attributes that can tweak a pitcher’s performance one way or the other (day vs night, weather, how hold/cold/humid, how how or cold the team facing the pitcher is at the time, I could go on and on). So the idea of a generic “park adj fact” is a very blunt instrument IMO. That’s why it’s best to look at a number of metrics, not just WAR. Although I am also in the “wins are overrated” camp, in my book Dickey is the clear winner because it is VERY hard to win 20 games for a shitty team like the 2012 Mets were, or at the very least an under-.500 one (I believe Clemens was the last one to accomplish the feat a good 15 years ago). Basically Dickey massively increased the chances the Mets would win every time he took the ball, whereas Kershaw increased his team’s chances by a significantly less impressive amount. In other words, instead of looking at the somewhat nerdy, algebraic “wins above replacement”, how about looking at ACTUAL wins the pitcher helped bring his team? Using a hipster SABRmetrics algorithm like WAR seems silly to me given the more obvious comparison of the pitcher’s winning pct vs his team’s. My 2P.

    • dusto

      Your argument is flawless… which is why Felix Hernandez won the Cy Young in 2010. Lets give the 22 runs that the Mets scored for Dickey to Kershaw and tell me that team wins are important. Dickey was in the 4th in Run Support in the NL. Kershaw was 12th from the BOTTOM.

      • http://www.facebook.com/cbruenhall Chris Hall

        Oh well, looks like the writers were flawless too, congrats RA! Good news for Kershaw fans: he’s YOUNG and will have many more opportunities to win CYA again.

    • dusto

      Said by someone who has NO understanding of WAR.

    • http://twitter.com/LasordasLair LasordasLair

      I agree with you Chris about WAR being overated. It can be objective. But here’s the thing. Dickey had more run support than Kershaw did, Not only that but Kershaw allowed less runs than Dickey did. Kershaw had eight games where he pitched seven innings or more, and allowed two runs or less and lost or came away with a no-decision. In my opinion, Kershaw is a better pitcher because he had less runs to work with. The Mets had a decent lineup, whereas the Dodgers, well you know, let’s just say they played four and a half months with Juan Uribe and James Loney at the infield corners, so ya know. Kershaw is the better pitcher hands down, and should have won.

    • JosephLS

      Do you know why it’s hard to win 20 games? Because no matter what a pitcher does, getting a W is ultimately largely out of his control.
      Do you know why the Mets were a bad team? Because they had bad pitching. However, whether Dickey gets a W or not depends only on what happens in the games he pitches. In the games he pitches, he got more runs scored for him than the Dodgers did for Kershaw. The games they lost when Dickey wasn’t pitching has no effect on Dickey’s record, nor does it make it harder for Dickey to win games.

  • Eric

    are u screaming yet

    • dusto

      is who screaming, and for what reason?

      • Eric

        the person who wrote this lol. Cuz clayton didn’t win

        • dusto

          Personally, I think Dodger fans have a good reason to be upset. Kershaw was the best in the league and wasn’t recognized so. It may not be worth “screaming” about. It certainly isn’t going to be as bad as Trout not winning the MVP.

          • http://twitter.com/LasordasLair LasordasLair

            Sometimes a good scream every now and then helps Dusto

    • http://twitter.com/LasordasLair LasordasLair

      Oh believe me I let out a few screams.