The 2012 World Series Boycott

Don’t watch the World Series guys. Why torture yourself? I’m not. I’m boycotting the World Series this year. I’ve never done that before, but I feel it’s appropriate this season. I know what some Giants fans may call me. They might call me a poor sport, but I’m not I assure you.

Look, the Giants are having a tremendous year. There is no question. They won the NL West, then somehow made it through to the World Series again, for the second time in three years. I’m not a poor sport, really, I’m not, I just don’t care to watch the series this year. Besides, whether I ‘m watching or not watching, has no effect on the series. The Giants are playing in another World Series, and there’s nothing we can do about it. Meanwhile our beloved Boys in Blue are at home watching on t.v. like the rest of us. It’s been a tough year for us Dodger fans. It’s frustrating. The only good thing is there are 28 other teams in the same boat. Misery loves company right?

If the Giants do win the World Series this year, fine, because I won’t be watching. I heard Pablo Sandoval hit three home runs last night, which is very impressive, (he hit two off of Justin Verlander, becoming just the fourth player to ever hit three home runs in a World Series game, joining Babe Ruth, Reggie Jackson, and Albert Pujols.) but I didn’t see it. So when Marco Scutaro hits seven home runs tonight, I won’t be watching. Maybe the Tigers will help us out tonight? Can somebody please tell me why every single opposing team the Giants play utterly rolls over every game? Every move the Giants make this year turns into gold. It was Cody Ross in 2010, and this year Colorado gave Scutaro to the Giants for virtually nothing. A bag of peanuts, and a cool-a-coo, naturally. It’s truly sickening.

I didn’t watch when the Giants won the division this year, or when they won the pennant, and I’m certainly not going to watch them win another championship. I didn’t see the highlights, and I made sure to stay away from any news that night. I don’t want to see it. I do not want the last images of the 2012 season in my head being the Giants raising another World Series flag at Phony Book Park. If that happens I will stick my fingers in my ears, and bury my head in the sand like an ostrich. Why would any Dodger fans want to watch this? So guys, I’m advising you to do the same. Don’t watch tonight. Go watch something else. Go do something else. Heck get out of the house. There’s plenty of stuff to watch or do instead. So here is a top ten list of stuff to do for Dodger fans instead of watching the World Series.

1.       Eat a Dodger Dog.

2.       Take a nap.

3.       Watch a movie

4.       Watch old reruns of your favorite t.v. shows.

5.       Watch Jersey Shore.

6.       Do a Gangnam style dance in your living room

7.       Do your home work

8.       Watch old highlights from the 1988 World Series

9.       Watch Paint dry.

10.   Read Lasorda’s Lair!!!!


I would rather do any of those things then watching the World Series this year. Hopefully the Tigers can win it this year, but if not, I won’t be watching. I’m not going to torture myself this year, and neither should you guys. Seriously guys, go do something else tonight. Spring training can’t come soon enough for us.

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  • DodgersSuck

    HAHAHAHAHA…Dodgers Suck. Who cares what you think since you and your team are at home wishing to be in the post season.

    • LasordasLair

      Stay Classy Giant fan! See you next season

  • Hollywood Dodger Mark

    Pablo and Scutaro juiced. MLB will be testing them soon I hope. Scutoro a .263 lifetime hitter. .362 for the Giants? Gimme a break. 12 home runs for Sandoval for the season ….3 in one game? Gimme a break. They drank Melky’s left over balco juice. Mota gave them a straw. Remember J.C. Romero on the Phils – shut down the dodgers and then tested positive – fifty game suspension. He laffed in MLB’s face. Phils couldn’t care either. They beat us. Same with Giants. Melky who? Win at all cost Giants. Pray Torre has the gonads to test these two dopers.

  • InnerGeek

    This life-long Twins fan IS watching the world series, and is enjoying watching the Tigers have their collective behinds handed to them. Sound like you are having sour grapes for a bedtime snack, after your new ownership dropped a ton of money on players who didn’t pan out.

    • LasordasLair

      Well, the same thing could be said about you and your Twins right? Didn’t the Twins drop millions on players who couldnt stay healthy? Joe Mauer, Justin Morneau, Joe Nathan, etc. etc..The Dodger ownership dropped money on good players set to play with the team for many years, they just didn’t have the time to adjust. Sure there was soe mistakes made, but it’s Not sour grapes, I just CHOOSE not to watch this year. Why would a Dodger fan want to watch the Giants win?

      • nicolebramstedt

        This Dodgers fan watched the World Series. I love the Dodgers but also respect the Giants a lot for what they are doing. The Giants have the best pitching staff in baseball, starters and relievers. I honestly know that this year’s Dodgers team could not have done what they did, in particular coming back from 2-0 down to the Reds.

        • LasordasLair

          Wrong. The Giants dont have the best pitching staff in Baseball. They were ranked 7th. The Dodgers pitching staff ranked third. The Dodgers had the better pitching staff. What got the Giants to the WS was their fifth ranked offense, and they were the best hitting road team in Baseball. The Giants may have won the WS, but they rank dead last in class.

          • nicolebramstedt

            Guess if you look at stats, the Dodgers are better. However, could the Dodgers’ staff have silenced the Tigers like that? I think you know the answer except that your usual lack of objectivity gets in the way. Also, that last line says a lot about your take. There can be a rivalry but one with respect.

          • LasordasLair

            Yeesh Nicole. Calm down. This post was meant as a joke. You take things a little too seriously. No offense. The season is very long, and it can be tiring, frustrating just being a fan, but especially covering the team like we do. At times we need a break, meaning we need to write something funny that can take our minds off of the long sometimes frustrating season. Our hated rivals were playing in the world series for the second time in three years while our team watched from home. It was frustrating. I decided not to take part in watching the series this year. That’s my choice right? Im not here to be objective all of the time. We’re Dodger fans over here, and we do not mince words over here. We want the Dodgers to win, and we let everyone know this. This is a site written by lifelong Dodger fans, for Dodger fans. What did you expect?
            Also yes the Dodgers had a better pitching staff. Would they have been able to shut down the Tigers? Maybe not, but remember they have never played well against American league teams. But Nicole you must read between the lines. Look at why the Giants got to where they are, yes they had great pitching, but they had a very strong offense. Scutaro was red hot. Sandoval won the WS MVP hitting three home runs. Everything that fat little bastard hit was a line drive. Pagan was annoyingly good. They had the best road hitting team in the league. Posey won the batting title. The giants got hot at the right time. It happens. SO relax, read, and have some fun. Baseball is supposed to be fun remember?

  • john

    Dodgers Suck lol