Two A.J.s and two Ellises? Woe is me. Photo: Gary A. Vasquez-US PRESSWIRE

What Does A.J. Ellis Watch On a Monday Night? Check out the Latest Edition of the 140 Club

Don’t watch the playoffs guys. Seriously, just don’t do it. Watching the Giants in the postseason will make you want to vomit, so don’t watch.  Instead check out what A.J. Ellis has programmed in his DVR tonight, in the latest Dodger edition of The 140 Club. Tonight Dan Wohl of checks out what A.J. has got on his tube for Monday night’s programming.

A.J. had sent this tweet [blackbirdpie url=""] out earlier today, letting everyone know what he’ll be watching tonight at home on his boob tube. A.J. will be watching the NLCS, the Presidential debates, Monday Night Football, and of course, the can’t miss Gossip Girl show?! Honestly I have no idea what the Gossip Girls are about, but apparently, A.J. likes to watch it.

I do not watch the Gossip Girl show, but I would rather watch a Gossip Girl  marathon then watch the Giants win another pennant. Yuck.

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