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Rain Rain Go Away, Come Around Another Day

Hi Dodger Fans!

I hope everyone had a fun and safe, and dry St. Patrick’s Day Weekend. After last night’s tie in Vinny’s first game of 2012, against the Giants, the Dodgers are all set to play the Angels, today at 105PM, at Camelback Ranch. Starting for the Dodgers will be Chris Capuano, while the Angels will counter with Dan Haren.

I have not seen the starting lineups released yet, as the game still could be rained out, since the forecast is calling for rain out there. Of coarse, we had plenty of that last night, but it seems the brunt of it has passed over here. So hopefully we will have a nice dry day.


We are a go it looks like

Dodgers Lineup


Dan Haren vs. Chris Capuano

Man this lineup is awful. throwaway lineup today. None of the regulars are playing except for Gordon and the two Ellis’.

While we are waiting to hear word on the game, lets discuss a few of the Dodger injuries over the last week.

Injury Updates

Jerry Hairston Jr. is still nursing a sore left quad muscle Apparently he felt tightness, and Don Mattingly wanted to exercise some caution, so he was held out of yesterday’s split squad games. I don’t think it is serious, but it makes you wonder. I just don’t trust him and Uribe to be able to man third base without injury. I think we are going to need to put Justin Sellers on the roster.

Los Angeles Dodgers third baseman Jerry Hairston Jr. (6) hits a single during the first inning against the Kansas City Royals at Camelback Ranch.-Matt Kartozian-US PRESSWIRE

Matt Guerrier‘s rusty back is improving slowly. Apparently the Dodgers still aren’t sure whether he will be ready for opening day. If he does have to start the season on the disabled list, then that opens up a second spot in the bullpen. Remember, Blake Hawksworth is out indefinitely after his elbow surgery went awry, and there is no timetable for his return. Ronald Belisario still must serve his 25 game suspension, so this could open the door, for pitchers like Jamey Wright, John Grabow, Wil Ledezma, and Nathan Eovaldi, and or, and I cant believe I am even writing this….Ramon Troncoso. Oh man I never thought I would write this either, but get well soon Matt Guerrier.

File this under the best laid plans of mice and men. Ivan De Jesus Jr., who has actually started to play a little better, who strained his oblique muscle last night by just batting apparently. Don Mattingly said he will be scheduled to have an MRI on Monday, and then they will know a little bit more about how long he will be out for. This oblique strain may be a blessing in disguise, as it could save De Jesus from being designated for assignment, once the regular season start, if he has to be put on the disabled list. But probably not. Although De Jesus did have a three hit game on Thursday, so it was looking like he was starting to come around a little bit.

When asked about the injury, Don Mattingly made it seem like it was fairly mild.

“It sounded OK,” manager Don Mattingly said of the examination report. “I don’t know how they know one way or the other, but that’s what they said. He’ll need at least a few days and he can get an MRI Monday and we’ll know a lot more. He’s been playing great.”

I also wanted to say what a great job Don Mattingly has been doing this spring, juggling the roster, during what has been an otherwise quiet spring. (ownership saga not withstanding of coarse) Mattingly has been very positive throughout, and seems to have the boys in blue playing very well. The Dodgers are 8-4-5 this spring in cactus league play, which is one of the better records out of the National League teams.

Tonight the MLB Network will air their season preview of the Dodgers, in their “30 Clubs in 30 Days” series. It will air tonight at 7PM pacific time. So if you want to check it out, remember it is airing tonight.

Apparently from what I have heard through the grapevine, the game is likely to be canceled today. The field was so wet, the Dodgers had to have batting practice indoors. All of the backfields are still wet, and the tarp is still on the field, so we shall see. If the game does get underway as scheduled, it will be televised on KCAL, at 105PM, and Vin Scully will bless us with his beautiful voice, for a second straight game. I will be very disappointed if the game is canceled, because it just means we get screwed out of an extra Vinny game. Listening to Vinny is our Blue Birthright as Dodger fans. I just want my full dose of Vinny. We wont see him again until April.

In other frightening news on the Sale and auction of the Dodgers, If Steven Cohen, is awarded the winning bid, former Cardinals manager Tony La Russa would become a key decision maker under the Baseball Operations side. I know im commenting a bit late on this. This is something that scares and disgusts Stacie and I to our core. As you know, we only support the group, or groups, that have a connection to the Dodgers and Los Angeles, and who will preserve and protect Dodger tradition, and our beloved Dodger Stadium, during this it’s sacred 50th anniversary season. We feel that the group led by Magic Johnson, is a better fit for the Dodgers. We will keep you informed on all of the news of the Sale, so keep it here.

We will also have a special post coming up soon, Kenny was able to get an interview with one of the Dodger’s top prospects. We are working out all of the technical details, and once we do, we will have it up here for your enjoyment. I wanted to say what a great job Kenny Shulsen did down there at Glendale Arizona. We will keep you updated and let you know whether the game is going to be played or not. Stay dry Dodger fans. Go Blue!

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