Camelback Ranch- Glendale, Arizona

Lasorda's Lair Visits Dodgers Spring Training

My bags are packed, media credentials approved, just waiting for the flight to board. Yes it’s that time of year again when Lasorda’s Lair makes our annual trek to Dodgers Spring Training at Camelback Ranch.

With all of the roster moves today and so many players being sent to minor league camp it should be easier to get some prospect interviews. I’ll also try to provide our readers with a behind the scenes look at CBR so you can get an idea of what some of the places look like the public doesn’t get to see.

Also the Dodgers have 2 great opponents at CBR the next two days in Texas and the hated Giants. If there is anything you’d like me to report on while I’m there feel free to add a comment and keep an eye out for hopefully some great videos and views from the beautiful CBR.

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