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Prince Fielder Signs with Tigers-World Keeps Spinning

Well Dodger fans, agent Scott Boras got his man alright. News just broke all over the world. Prince Fielder has signed with the Detroit Tigers for a mega-deal for nine years and 214 million dollars. WOW. Well that does that right? Time to move on. We never had a chance anyways. I’m talking about a tweet from Joel Sherman, that I’m not even going to link to now, that said the Dodgers might be in play to sign Fielder. I knew instantly that it was likely bogus. The Dodgers had no chance to sign Fielder. Or did they……

I doubt it. I’m sure the Dodgers might have spoke with Fielder’s Agent at some point. The Dodgers are a team in bankruptcy, and they already singed Matt Kemp to an 8 year 160 million dollar contract. It still has been fun to think about though right? Sure Fielder would have been a fit for the Dodgers. He would be a good fit for a lot of teams. Hes one of the best run producers and home run hitters in the game, and he puts a ton of butts in the seats. It wasn’t happening guys, it’s time to move on. It turns out after the tigers lost DH Victor Martinez for the entire year after he tore his achilles, they were looking to replace his production in the lineup. Fielder would give them that for sure and then some. Now we get to hear all the ridiculous rumors of what position first baseman Miguel Cabrera will be moving to to make room for Fielder. I would assume Detroit would do the smart thing and move Cabrera to DH, but let’s all laugh at the people who will suggest he move to the outfield, or I even read someone suggested third base. No, no probably they will stick Cabrera at DH. There you have it right there. The AL teams can offer something that the NL teams can’t offer. The opportunity to play DH at the end of their careers, thereby extending their careers by several years. I think the DH is the deciding factor in why these big sluggers are jumping ship over to the Junior Circuit.

Oh well. I tell you what I won’t lose any sleep over this. I’m glad we can all move on and focus on other things. Besides if the Dodgers were really going to sign Fielder then they wouldn’t have Tendered James Loney a contract would they? Otherwise they would have had to trade Loney, since there would have been no where else for him to play, and good god no we’re not moving Loney to the outfield! What’s funny is that Mike Petriello of MSTI called Fielder’s agent Scott Boras “a wizard.” Whether he is the Wizard of Oz or the Wizard of Waverly place remains to be seen. He sure got Fielder a lot of cash.  We can finally put all these crazy Prince rumors to bed now.

Anyways it’s done, Fielder goes to Detroit, and we all go on with our lives, looking forward to the upcoming bidding process for the sale of the club, and the start of spring training. At least this makes it a lot easier for Bison to grab the MVP next season right?

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