Donnie Dons a Dress

Yes, that’s our manager. In a dress. As the long, cold stretch of baseball-less winter is upon us, our manager is busy making a cameo as Mother Ginger in the Evansville, Indiana’s Ballet rendition of The Nutcracker.

Don Mattingly’s wife Lori is a dancer and dance teacher, and she was asked by the ballet’s artistic director, Mark Bush, if Donnie would be interested in the role. Donnie agreed.

Mother Ginger hides dancing children under her gigantic dress.

Mattingly said he was surprised by the dancers’ athleticism. He’s never seen a ballet.

Donnie the Dancer?

“I’ve been around athletes my whole life,” he said. “I look at all these dancers as basically athletes in a very disciplined art form. I really have enjoyed it.”

At least the dress was blue, right?

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