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Final day of Winter Meetings

Thursday is the final day of the Winter Meetings, and the annual event is always like a three ring circus. Rumors fly, crazy trades go down, free agents sign with teams, and roster maneuverings are discussed. The winter meetings are like the epicenter of the hot stove as a lot of action happens during this week.

So what can we expect from the Dodgers on Thursday? According to sources, the Dodgers are looking at adding another relief pitcher, talking trade options, and as always continue their never ending search for more hitting.

The Dodgers have been rumored to be interested in Chase Headley, and have been talking to Mike Macdougal’s agent this week. Apparently though if the Dodgers do make a trade, it will be for a player who was once a starter, and will fit into their financial budget. I don’t think the Dodgers are going to doing anything tomorrow, but if they do, here is what I think the Dodgers will do tomorrow…….

1. If they do make a trade, I’m going to say it’s for Chase Headley. He’s a decent hitter with some pop, and the Padres are looking to dumb salary. I’ll go on a limb and say, if he is dealt to the Dodgers, it will be for someone like Ivan Dejesus, or possibly John Ely, and or a throw-in or two. Headley would provide a much needed option at third base in case Uribe keeps sucking next year as he more than likely will.

2. If they do sign someone, it will be Mike Macdougal. For how many years? You guessed it….two years of coarse and six million dollars. I actually like Dougie. I hope the Dodgers bring him back.

3. The Dodgers will probably sign Josh Bard, or some other really lousy catcher who can’t hit to a minor league deal.

Steve Dilbeck wrote a funny article about how the Dodgers aren’t interested in bringing back Manny Ramirez. Of coarse they’re not, why would they be? Of coarse Steve goes on with the obligatory Manny rant of he’s a no good cheater and left Los Angeles in disgrace. Sure whatever, he’s also a drug cheat that led us to the playoffs in 2008, so there is that. It’s funny to me how people still hate Manny. I can’t believe this is still a thing anymore. When was the last time we thought about Manny? Apparently Steve reports that Manny’s 100 game suspension has been reduced to 50 games because of his retirement. Manny has filed for reinstatement. Anyways check it out here Steve Dilbeck LA Times

What will the Dodgers and GM Ned Colletti do tomorrow? Will any of my predictions come true? You will have to check in later to find out. Things are getting interesting aren’t they? Go Blue

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