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Carroll Departs Dodgers, Leaving Black Hole at Second Base

The hot stove is just getting warmed up guys…..

This just in, the Dodgers have lost Jamey Carroll. Carroll signed a two year 7 million dollar contract with the Twins today. Minnesota intends for Carroll to be their starting shortstop. Carroll who is ending a two year deal, had been a very solid and dependable player for the Dodgers over the last two years. Unfortunately the Dodgers never thought of Carroll as an everyday player.

Carroll, who played a number of positions for the Dodgers, primarily filled in at shortstop when Furcal went down with injuries. Carroll last season batted .290 while playing in 146 games for the Dodgers. The 37 year old utility player posted an OBP of .359, and played left field, shortstop, second base, and third base for the Dodgers from 2010-2011.  However with the emergence of rookie phenom Dee Gordon, the hardworking and productive Carroll found himself pushed back to the bench. Carroll had been saying this year, that he wanted to play everyday.

I’m not happy about this. Carroll was a solid contributor. He was versatile, a good contact hitter, was adept at getting on base, and an all-around good guy. So I ask the question, now that Carroll is gone, what the hell do the Dodgers do about second base?

Carroll’s departure leaves a huge gaping hole of nothingness at second base. Once again we’re back at square one with absolutely no one to play at second base. So what do the Dodgers do? They’re going to have to sign someone from outside the organization. The only problem with that is, the free agent options for second base are slim pickens.

The Dodgers have been rumored to be looking at Clint Barmes, Jerry Hairston Jr., and Mark Ellis. Two of them are former Rockies, and none are appealing. Barmes and Ellis are rated as above average fielders, but can’t hit worth a damn. Justin Sellers could be a possibility, but the Dodgers don’t consider him a starter. I like Sellers on the bench, and he is a very good defensive player, but we don’t know if he would be able to hit enough to justify him starting.

Aaron Hill, and Kelly Johnson are other options. Hill has completely faded away after he had a breakthrough 2009. He only hit .246 last year with 8 home runs. If he can recapture some of the power he once had maybe then could he be a viable option for the Dodgers at the keystone. I’m not too confident in that happening. Johnson has power as well, but like Hill, he’s below average defensively, and only hit .209 last year for Arizona, despite hitting 18 home runs. He also strikes out way too much.

If I had to pick an early favorite right now, it would be Jerry Hairston Jr. He can play just about all infield and outfield positions, and he’s a decent hitter with some pop. He’s not spectacular, but he’ll fill the hole. It seems with the impending sale, the Dodgers are hamstrung on how much money they will be able to spend this winter. They’re looking to grab an infielder in the 1-3 million dollar range. That is just fine, because as we know, the only thing that matters this off season is locking up KeMvP, and I mean giving that wonderful man anything that he asks for.

So with that being number 1 priority, the Dodgers are just going to have to go cheap with second base, but I am expressing my concern. Barmes, and Ellis suck. Johnson and Hill, are feast or famine type hitters with poor defense, and Hairston is more of an all-around rover Jamey Carroll type guy. Sellers is a great defensive player but can’t hit. Aaron Miles is also a possibility, but I would rather not. The Dodgers will probably end up giving the second base job to anyone who can stand and hold a glove. I’m not happy.

We will keep you posted on any and all Dodgers news. Let’s try and think happy thoughts Dodger fans. McCourt is going bye bye, They’re talking to KeMvP about a new contract, and at least we will never have to watch the complete and utter uselessness of Ryan Theriot ever again right? There’s always a silver lining…..GO BLUE

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