Jamey Carroll

Carroll Departs Dodgers, Leaving Black Hole at Second Base

The hot stove is just getting warmed up guys…..

This just in, the Dodgers have lost Jamey Carroll. Carroll signed a two year 7 million dollar contract with the Twins today. Minnesota intends for Carroll to be their starting shortstop. Carroll who is ending a two year deal, had been a very solid and dependable player for the Dodgers over the last two years. Unfortunately the Dodgers never thought of Carroll as an everyday player.

Carroll, who played a number of positions for the Dodgers, primarily filled in at shortstop when Furcal went down with injuries. Carroll last season batted .290 while playing in 146 games for the Dodgers. The 37 year old utility player posted an OBP of .359, and played left field, shortstop, second base, and third base for the Dodgers from 2010-2011.  However with the emergence of rookie phenom Dee Gordon, the hardworking and productive Carroll found himself pushed back to the bench. Carroll had been saying this year, that he wanted to play everyday.

I’m not happy about this. Carroll was a solid contributor. He was versatile, a good contact hitter, was adept at getting on base, and an all-around good guy. So I ask the question, now that Carroll is gone, what the hell do the Dodgers do about second base?

Carroll’s departure leaves a huge gaping hole of nothingness at second base. Once again we’re back at square one with absolutely no one to play at second base. So what do the Dodgers do? They’re going to have to sign someone from outside the organization. The only problem with that is, the free agent options for second base are slim pickens.

The Dodgers have been rumored to be looking at Clint Barmes, Jerry Hairston Jr., and Mark Ellis. Two of them are former Rockies, and none are appealing. Barmes and Ellis are rated as above average fielders, but can’t hit worth a damn. Justin Sellers could be a possibility, but the Dodgers don’t consider him a starter. I like Sellers on the bench, and he is a very good defensive player, but we don’t know if he would be able to hit enough to justify him starting.

Aaron Hill, and Kelly Johnson are other options. Hill has completely faded away after he had a breakthrough 2009. He only hit .246 last year with 8 home runs. If he can recapture some of the power he once had maybe then could he be a viable option for the Dodgers at the keystone. I’m not too confident in that happening. Johnson has power as well, but like Hill, he’s below average defensively, and only hit .209 last year for Arizona, despite hitting 18 home runs. He also strikes out way too much.

If I had to pick an early favorite right now, it would be Jerry Hairston Jr. He can play just about all infield and outfield positions, and he’s a decent hitter with some pop. He’s not spectacular, but he’ll fill the hole. It seems with the impending sale, the Dodgers are hamstrung on how much money they will be able to spend this winter. They’re looking to grab an infielder in the 1-3 million dollar range. That is just fine, because as we know, the only thing that matters this off season is locking up KeMvP, and I mean giving that wonderful man anything that he asks for.

So with that being number 1 priority, the Dodgers are just going to have to go cheap with second base, but I am expressing my concern. Barmes, and Ellis suck. Johnson and Hill, are feast or famine type hitters with poor defense, and Hairston is more of an all-around rover Jamey Carroll type guy. Sellers is a great defensive player but can’t hit. Aaron Miles is also a possibility, but I would rather not. The Dodgers will probably end up giving the second base job to anyone who can stand and hold a glove. I’m not happy.

We will keep you posted on any and all Dodgers news. Let’s try and think happy thoughts Dodger fans. McCourt is going bye bye, They’re talking to KeMvP about a new contract, and at least we will never have to watch the complete and utter uselessness of Ryan Theriot ever again right? There’s always a silver lining…..GO BLUE

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  • lbprguy

    Who was the last GOOD Dodgers second baseman? Sax? (No, Jeff Kent doesn’t count.)

    • formatallan


      Ha, you would have to go back to Davey Lopes before Sax

  • Native Angeleno

    Dude, i don’t want any more shleppy has-beens, never-weres and nobodies. Mr Carroll, your little god, fits that description. In 2011 he played all over the lineup and had over 450 ABs and only 17 rbi, which is almost physically impossible to “accomplish”. Nuff said? it should be.

    We don’t want any more grade-B or C-types like Hairston or Ellis. Barmes maybe, i was never disuaded he’s not a potentially decent hitter. But now that McCourt is selling and we will be moving up into the decent roster category, i would just as well not have Ned sign up some dollar store shlub as he does and would prefer to take it out of his incapable hands by just letting it sit vacant, with Sellers penciled in, till spring training and the new owner steps in to search for a 2nd baseman of higher, possibly championship, caliber with a much better payroll in the coming POST-COLLETTI ERA.

    Let’s stop thinking little and start thinking bigger about your Los Angeles Dodgers.

    • formatallan

      @Native Angeleno

      Native Angeleno, Im sorry you feel this way and I understand your frustration. Believe me I do, however, you have to agree that SOMEONE has to man the position of second base next season for the Dodgers. so I ask who?

      FIrst of all Carroll is a good player. Hes not there to hit home runs and drive in 100 runs. Hes a utility infielder. He doesnt hit home runs. Hes not that type of player. so if your judging him on how many home runs he hits, then your judging him incorrectly. What we did find out about Carroll, is that hes a good contact hitter, who gets on base alot. That kind of player we have need for at the top of the lineup. He mostly plays good defense, and doesnt strike out alot. That kind of player can be on my team any time. We cant just left it “sit vacant” the sale is going to take 4-6 months to process. Unfortunatly There is no one on the free agent market that is any good. The Hairstons, and Barmes, and Mark Ellis’s are all that there is on this years free agent second base slim pickens. Carroll was the best option for second base, and the Dodgers front office was too narrow minded to look at him as a starting player. So I ask, who plays second base next year?

      • Native Angeleno

        That question does not have to be answered right now, for the several reasons i related. It’s bad right now to lock up every position with a new owner coming. If you just stop there and think about it you won’t be losing sleep over the fact 2B is open, but with 3 candidates on the roster to fill it, it’s not as tho the Dodgers won’t have a 2nd baseman when the season starts. It’s not a black hole, and it isn’t even a problem, right now. Give the new owner some slack, is what Colletti is doing.

        I would not have re-signed Carroll for the reason noted, and am glad he didn’t. The team that did will regret it, for the reasons already recounted. The Dodgers too narrow minded? Ridiculous. Think about his salary, his age, how he wore down as last season progressed, and how he isn’t clutch, and you ought to alter your opinion a mite.

        BTW it doesn’t matter what we think. It only matters what actually happens.

      • Native Angeleno

        @formatallan PS —

        I never complained Carroll didn’t hit home runs, i said he didn’t drive any in, those are your words you put in my mouth. Bloggers need to be precise in replying as to what was said, and to pay attention to the specifics of the criticism.

        You must be pretty young to be so uncaringly sloppy. You can do better.

        Also: It is your opinion Rivera is a bad re-sign. I think it’s good to have someone in LF with some pop, and to bat behind Kemp if no one else comes along (which i can’t believe will happen, but whoever is out there, Rivera will make a good back-up, at least, which is what he should be).

        I hope Tony Jr is not your idea of an everyday outfielder. Colletti of course hasn’t re-signed him, and i hope he doesn’t. The guy hasn’t hit 3 HR in over 14 consecutive months of baseball. He ought to go back to coaching, or somewhere other than the Dodgers.

        • formatallan

          @Native Angeleno

          I agree with you about the rivera signing. You might want to go back and read our post on the rivera signing. We liked it, or at least I did. He was very good last year for the dodgers, and he’s at least a great option off the bench as the lefty masher that can play outfield or first base. As for gwynn, I like him but only as a fourth otufielder. I’ve never considered him a starter, although that’s never been his cieling.he’s always been a bench player and if you remember he single handedly saved two games last year with flying superman like catches. He’s not a home run hitter. Look I hope the sale gets processed as soon as possible and yes mlb has said they want to get it processed as soon as they can, but what they say and what happens are two different things. This isn’t the rangers, different situation. However I hope your right and it gets processed quickly. However remember the free agent market for second baseman is awful right now. By srping training the options will be even worse, so think about that for a minute.

      • Native Angeleno

        @formatallan PSS! The sale is NOT going to take over 4 months, and should be squared away DURING spring training, WHY? Because McCourt, who can hold it up or speed it up, made a deal with his ex that if he doesn’t deliver her $130 million by April 1, he’ll have to split his entire take with her! That should EASILY amount to a few to SEVERAL $100 million difference! Also, the judge has stated he wants the Dodgers out of his courtroom before the end of winter; plus MLB wants to get rid of McCourt like it wants to get rid of cancer, and CERTAINLY is NOT going to drag its feet.

        If you look at the process how the Texas Rangers emerged from a court-supervised sale in 2010, it ZIPPED thru from start to finish in a matter of a FEW WEEKS. The process MLB and McCourt have set up is more cumbersome, but there is still enough time to get it down while the Dodgers are training in Glendale, plenty of time for the new guy to pick his 2nd baseman.

        • formatallan

          @Native Angeleno

          The second base position needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Having it drag on into spriong training is not a good idea. As far as internal candidates, the dodgers don’t have any other than justin sellers and he can’t hit. Who is the other three candidates you speak of? Russ mitchell? Ivan dejesus? Come on, ide rather have some mediocre vet like johnson or hairston then mitchell or dejesus.
          As far as carroll goes, he’s a good player. I have no idea why your complaining over the fact that he only has 17 rbis when he’s a leadoff hitter or top of the lineup hitter. When did he ever have runners on base when he came to the plate this year? Top of the lineup guys are supposed to get on base, not drive in runs. Also rbis can be extemly meaningless stat. Look at carroll’s numbers. He’s never had an obp lower than .355, and he batted .290 with the dodgers. Those are good numbers from a good player. So I’m sorry we differ on those opinions.as for rivera if you read our post, we like rivera and liked the signing, although blocking jerry sands may not be a great idea. I read that the sale could take up tot 4-6 months to complete. I would have to find the source but I could link you to it if you like. Thank you for your opinions

  • LasordasLair

    No offense Native Angeleno but Sellers is Carroll except he doesn’t get on base as much. The Rivera signing was bad enough, unless Sands can play 3rd base Rivera just took his job. The Dodgers are a mess and will be until new ownership is in place and Carroll or Sellers or De Jesus isn’t going to make a difference.

  • organicallyrude

    We all want to see the ownership situation resolved expediantly, but we can’t put the needs of the team on the backburner. Barring a trade, there are few options available for a needed infielder. If we don’t address this now, there will be even fewer options later in the offseason. Signing a veteran infielder or second baseman won’t break the bank. Justin Sellers is a good player to have to play some shortstop or second base or even third when needed, but we still need someone else. I like Carroll, but now that he’s gone we need to move on. We can’t ignore the fact that Jamey Carroll really stepped up when Furcal was injured. The reason for our disappointment in the Dodgers not signing him is the fact that he could have been relatively affordable and just as good or better than any of the other otpions out there.

  • http://calltothepen.com/ SorianoJoe

    I wrote up an article on Call to the Pen about Carroll’s signing, and I agree that he Carroll was a good contact hitter whose best skill was getting on base. However, his defense doesn’t translate well to that pitching staff.