Maybe the Dodgers should stick with the USA caps until they lose???

So This is What a Winning Streak Feels Like

Chad Billingsley certainly isn’t used to getting much run support, let alone seven runs, but considering he allowed 13 base-runners in seven innings it’s remarkable he only allowed one run. The Dodgers won back to back games for the first time since May 10-13, when they took two games in Pittsburgh and one from Arizona, who has surged to take over first place in the West in two short weeks. James Loney led another Dodger offensive barrage with three hits and three RBI, including his 3rd home run of the season.

The Dodgers will look to make it three straight tonight against Colorado starter Clayton Mortensen who will be making just his 5th start of the season. He has allowed 4 earned runs in two of his last three starts as the Dodgers try to win three straight games for just the fourth time this season.

However all is not good in LA LA land these days, as Frank McCourt has staved off MLB from seizing the club by making May’s month end payroll according to Molly Knight at ESPN:

Current team sponsors were contacted and offered discounts on their annual bills and luxury box stadium seats in exchange for cash up front, according to two sources. It is not known which sponsors took the offer, or the depth of discount they were given.

Classic McCourt, scrambling, willing to do anything to scrape up the cash to pay his players, regardless of the long-term impact that his actions will have on the club. So while he is safe for another two weeks, a familiar old friend may end up being the stick that breaks the camels back. McCourt’s practice of having GM Ned Colletti back-load player contracts is going to bite him right in the backside as the Dodgers owe Manny Ramirez a $6 million dollar bonus at the end of June. Per Bill Shaikin of the LA Times:

The amount of money needed to meet payroll will increase in June, when the Dodgers must pay Manny Ramirez more than $6 million in deferred compensation, according to two people familiar with the Ramirez contract. The payroll comes due on June 15 and 30, with the Ramirez payment slated for June 30

It’s almost too ironic to be true that the policy of paying players later because he doesn’t have the money now will be the final straw for the McCourt ownership in Los Angeles. One thing for certain is that Dodger fans are fed up with Frank and his way of running things, as Chris Erskine of the LA Times points out:

Attendance for the Dodgers is down nearly %17…the dominant factor is the public’s disgust with the McCourts.

Two fires also broke out at Dodger Stadium over the weekend, and of course the running joke that Frank is trying to burn down the house to get the insurance money was all over Twitter. However, Frank has already burned down this once proud franchise and with the end of June hopefully Dodger Nation will be free of all things McCourt.

On a more personal note Lasorda’s Lair would like to send out a heart felt get well to our site’s namesake Tommy Lasorda who was hospitalized with a bacterial infection. Tommy is expected to make a full recovery thankfully.

Lasorda’s Lair would also like to welcome former Dodger great Tommy John as one of our followers on Twitter. TJ is currently blogging at Varsity every Wednesday and Friday. He will also be conducting a Q & A with Lasorda’s Lair later this week so if you have any questions you’d like to ask him please email me or add them in the comments sections.

Finally check out Mike Scioscia’s Tragic Illness, Mike has a great post today about which Dodger hitter will likely lose his job once Marcus Thames is recalled from the DL, and if you’re like me you wont like the conclusion he comes to, even though I agree with him.

Tonight’s Lineup vs. Colorado:

1. Jamey Carroll SS

2. Casey Blake 3B

3. Andre Ethier RF

4. Matt Kemp CF

5. James Loney 1B

6. Jerry Sands LF

7. Dioner Navarro C

8. Aaron Miles 2B

9. Ted Lilly P

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