Breaking News - Elbert Recalled Kuo to DL

Bad and strange news for Hong-Chih Kuo. He is headed to the DL again for an as yet undetermined reason. According to Don Mattingly via Dodger beat writer Dylan Hernandez of the LA Times:

Mattingly said he can’t say what’s wrong with Kuo until the Dodgers get league approval

When Hernandez asked his next question, “Are you expecting Kuo to return this year?” Mattingly followed up with this:

“It’s hard for me to answer that.”

That does not sound good at all and it’s just what the Dodgers don’t need. Then this from Hernandez:

I’m told Kuo’s issue is psychological. Related to the yips he had a couple of years ago.

The yips? Yikes! Here are a couple stories from spring training 2009 by Ken Gurnick of and Hernandez about Kuo who was suffering from the same thing then. He rebounded nicely in 2010 hopefully he does the same this time around.

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