Lasorda's Lair GM challenge

Dodger Fans, in honor of the Winter Meetings, Lasorda’s Lair is giving you the chance to be the GM.  We are hosting a challenge to see who can put together the best team of all time Dodgers.  Here is how it goes…

1. You will have $162 “fake” million dollars to spend on all time historic players

2. Here is how the money will be spent…..

HOF players salary is 30 million, All-stars, $20
million, non all stars: $8 million, Minor leaguers $3 million Must use
25 players!!!!

There are a few categories that will be going for wins:

Least amount of salary used (min 3 HOF)
Most all time wins by pitchers (max 3 HOF)
Most home runs (max 3 HOF)

3. All salary is for one season

4. Submit your teams to [email protected]

5. Winners for the categories will have their teams on Lasorda’s Lair

For a player to be on your team he MUST….

A. Have played for the Dodgers for a minimum ONE FULL SEASON

Good Luck Dodgers Fans!!!!!!

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