Red, White and Dodger Blue: A Thank You to Veterans!

Dodger Fans, Today is Veterans Day.  We look back and thank these heroic men and women for serving our country and protecting our freedom.  As we think about our brothers and sisters in arms let’s take time to say Thank You to veterans across the Country.

Today we remember that there is no great American game without these veterans.  Baseball and the LA Dodgers would not exist without the help of these great Americans.  These heroes could just stay home and do nothing, but they go out there into battle everyday and risk their lives for our sake.  We remember that baseball is just a game, and the real heroes are the veterans.

Some former Dodgers have served our country when they could’ve been playing baseball.  People like Gil Hodges, Billy Herman and Mickey Owens enlisted in the cold and harsh conditions of war.  However they did not yield to the environment around them.  These athletes went to war as just that, athletes.  When they came back, these men had transformed.  They reached their zenith and came back home heroes, both in the eyes of the country and in the eyes of themselves.

Now I challenge you Dodger Nation!  Today when you see someone you know that served in the army, let that person know just how thankful you are for their brave and courageous service.  Remember that there are no LA Dodgers without the Veterans who play on a much larger than any World Series champion will ever know!

Happy Veterans Day Dodger Nation!!!

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