Dodgers Top 10 Prospects Report - 10. Kyle Russell

Over the next few weeks, we at Lasorda’s Lair will be publishing a Top 10 Prospects Report, where we will be counting down from 10 to 1 along with giving detailed scouting reports on each prospect. We we publish two reports a week where we will detail the statistics, accomplishments and potential for each of the 10 players.  Today, we start at 10 with Kyle Russell.

10. Kyle Russell

Kyle Russell is the best power hitter in the Dodgers system. And to be honest, it isn’t even close. He hit 26 home runs in Class A last year, had an OPS of .916 and even stole 20 bases. He plays centerfield and he’s coming off of a season where he was the co-MVP of a Great Lakes team that had Dee Gordon, Aaron Miller and Ethan Martin, three guys who are much higher up on this list. Seeing those numbers, you immediately wonder why Russell isn’t higher on the list. He has one glaring flaw. Well, to be honest, there are actually 180. Russell struck out 180 times in 40 at bats last season, which is a major code red. The fact that’s he’s already 23 is also unnerving, because it means that he really doesn’t have much time to get it together. If Russell can find a way to stop striking out but keep hitting for power, he could play in the big leagues. Until then, the player that comes to mind as a comparison is Mitch Jones.

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