Dodgers Add Vicente Padilla to the Rotation

If there was one guy that it seemed like you could count on in the stretch run last season, it was Vicente Padilla. So it’s good news that the Dodgers have officially signed Padilla to a 1-year deal, which should make him a nice addition to this rotation heading into next season.

The question concerning Padilla has always been about whether he could behave himself, as he’s always been a solid pitcher. He didn’t have any behavioral problems with LA when they signed him last year, so I’m guessing that’s what they are basing this move off of. If they can keep him out of trouble, this is without question a good piece that’s been added to the puzzle.

I’ve been asking for some type of positive concerning the future of this rotation all off-season, and well, we’ve finally got some halfway decent news in terms of what to expect from this rotation in the 2010 season.

Hopefully Padilla can have a nice little run for the Dodgers, because if they can get he, Chad Billingsley, and Clayton Kershaw all on a roll, this team could make a noise in a playoff series.

The team still needs to make one more move I think pitching-wise, as it would be nice to bring in another veteran guy that has some experience. Even if he becomes the fifth starter, that’s fine. They just need a gritty guy like Randy Wolf, and then they should have a solid rotation for the upcoming season.

Congrats to Padilla on rejoining the team, and hopefully this is moving our starting rotation in the right direction.

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