What Are the Dodgers Waiting For?

The winter meetings are officially over, and Dodger management has left with pretty much the same thing they went in with: a disorganized roster. Which brings me to ask……what the hell is going on?

I was skeptical at first as to how the whole Frank/Jamie McCourt divorce saga would impact this team’s offseason decisions. Now, I’m downright worried. The Dodgers essentially did nothing to help their team throughout this week’s meetings, besides lose one of their most consistent pitchers in Randy Wolf, as he headed to the Brewers.

They picked up pitchers Carlos Monasterios and Armando Zerpa, which won’t exactly get the “LA to the World Series” talk going. These two guys don’t have a proven history of consistency, which doesn’t help the pitching staff a whole lot.

So yes, in my honest opinion, the Dodgers left the winter meetings worse off. Most teams are usually striving to get better at these meetings, and well, the Dodgers didn’t seem to be striving to do much of anything.

I sincerely hope that the Dodgers have someone on the radar in terms of pitching, as I’ll continue to harp on this all offseason until they decide that pitching is where this team will succeed or fail. I’m still not convinced that they completely understand that the lack of pitching has been the main reason why they have failed to reach the World Series the past two seasons, when they’ve had great shots to get there.

While some may think that the Dodgers are still in the Roy Halladay sweepstakes, I say no way. They will not get Halladay, because they can no longer afford to give up a ton for him. There’s still too many holes on this roster. They’ve got to add more than one solid pitcher to this lineup, as losing Wolf does not help the rotation at all.

We’ll see what the front office staff has planned, but I sure hope we see it sooner rather than later.

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