If Not Halladay, Then Who?

As the days progress, it’s seeming more and more like free agent Roy Halladay will sign with someone other than the Los Angeles Dodgers. So while we talked about the possibility of Halladay coming to LA a few days ago, we might as well go ahead and turn our attention to other options in terms of starting pitching.

With all the mess going on with the McCourt’s and their divorce, I seriously doubt the Dodgers are going to spend massive amounts of money on a pitcher. But if they spend no money at all, then they’re a bunch of idiots. That is clearly the weakest spot on this team right now, and without improving it, they’ll just find themselves being pounded by the Phillies once again next season. And as a Dodgers fan, I definitely don’t want to see that happen three years in a row.

At this point right now, I’m not really sure exactly who the Dodgers will turn their attention to, but it’s gotta be someone with a proven track record of consistency. That has been the main problem the past year or so, as you really didn’t know what to expect out of a few guys each time that they took the mound. It’s extremely important to be a pitcher that the club can rely on day in and day out, and the Dodgers don’t have a lot of those right now.

So I guess today’s question for you Dodger fans is this: who would you like to see the Dodgers turn their attention to in the free agent market?

Is there anyone in particular that you think would be a great fit with this organization, and could provide us with some consistency in the rotation?

I’d love to hear all of your comments on this!

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